Dhruv Thukral talks about becoming a part of the Netflix film Jaadugar and his experience of working on the same.

Dhruv Thukral who has recently seen in the Netflix recent release Jaadugar shared his experience on the appreciation that the whole team is getting for Jaadugar. Jaadugar is trending in the top 10 films on Netflix and Dhruv Thukral who played the antagonist athlete football player in the series shared how his hard work paid off to him.

Talking about his experience actor Dhruv says, “It is by far the best acting experience of my life. Jaadugar is trending in the top 10 best films, and it is one of the best things of my life. I remember watching videos of professional football players to get that aggressive body language and passion for the game. Even before our shoot dates, I was practising football 4-5 times in a week with college boys to get in that footballer and athletic frame of mind and it feels excellent when your work is applauded by the audience. Jaadugar has done Jadu not just in my life but on Netflix too!

Dhruv further added, discussing his future projects, ”Yes, this movie gave me a lot of confidence and help to trust the process. I am very much looking forward to more sports and aggressive characters as they give me a kick. Negative characters are something I want to master.”

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