Check out how Jake Sitlani and Erika Packard speak up for creators as Neha Dhupia and Farah Khan call out creators for not being original.

It was not long ago when Bollywood biggies, Neha Dhupia and Farah Khan called out creators for repeating trending formats for their content. They pointed out that many just follow the trending challenges and trends and fail to add their own touch to it. Soon after she posted the video, Director Farah Khan support her thoughts and ended up asking creators to speak up for themselves. And likely so, Jake Sitlani and Erika Packard decided to speak up for creators in their own way.

Jake Sitlani is known for his witty and incredibly hilarious videos. He has his own style and charm that makes his content unique from the rest of the creators. Apart from trying to create funny videos, Jake is also breaking gender stereotypes. Erika on the other hand is the perfect combination of cute and funny. Although she shares fitness videos there is a piece of herself in every video she shares. She lives her ‘influencer life’ and her followers love it. Imagine these two crazy creators coming together to make a video. It has that perfect, “didn’t know we needed it” kinda vibe, doesn’t it?

The two Creators did a funny sketch taking clips from a zoom call interview between Farhan, Neha, and Mukesh Chabbra. While they were glad to be a part of the discussion, they went on to prove and support their fellow creators in the discussion. The two ate the bread and left no crumbs.

Here’s the video:

As soon as Farah Khan says, “Ek trend aata hai phir sab vo hi trend follow karte hai” things take a funny turn. The Creators pointed out a bunch of videos posted by Neha showing her following the popular trends during the lockdown and how it is completely opposite to what she said. Later Jake also sarcastically asked the Creators to be more original taking inspirations from remixes of popular Bollywood songs. Various creators who were thrilled about the video took to the comments to show their support thanking the Creators for almost shutting down the debate.

Check out how other Creators and netizens reacted:

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