Check out how people reacted after Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia and Director Farah Khan called out Content Creators for lack of originality.

Content Creators and content creation is something that has become part of our everyday life. Social media has given people an opportunity to try and create new things and put their ideas before an audience. While original ideas and videos have made many creators fan favourite, there are also various trends that people follow online. However, it seems that Bollywood actress, Neha Dhupia decided to call them out for lack of creativity. She posted a video wanting creators to bring more original content to the table.

The former Miss Universe and reality show judge used her social media platform to ask creators to be more creative and original in their content. She said that by following all the trending challenges blindly they are killing originality. Whenever there is a challenge or a trend that becomes viral, we end up seeing them all over their social media. Pointing this out she shared a video trying to do the #DontRushChallenge and stopping mid-way to explain how following the trend and being the sheep in the herd is irritating and they should not do that. She also said that if influencers and creators are not creating any unique nor new, then it’s just a waste of the Internet.

Check out the video here:

Soon after she posted the video Director and Choreographer Farah Khan acknowledged her video and asked the creators to speak up. She couldn’t help but appreciated the actress’s hilarious roast and agreed with her saying that the trends are not adding to the creators’ creativity. In fact, it is only copy-paste and is hurting the creator’s idea of creation. Farah also asked the creators to come up with a better debate and defend themselves with better and original content. She wrote, “Cut the crap guys, kuch naya karo! Prove it with talent, trends ke piche piche mat bhaago yaar!

While some agreed with both, there were also some who defended the Creators. They talked about how difficult it is to create and come up with new ideas and that trends are a way of celebrating content online. Some people stayed how it was true and whereas others called out Bollywood for remixing and copying other stories as well.

People shared their mixed reaction to the posts:

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