Check out the emotional post by Content Creator, Neel called 300 Realisations that left the fans surprised and touched.

Creators are always expected to act and be in a certain way. Most of them prefer to not show their vulnerable and less exciting side to their fans, and that is okay. People like the way they put their efforts into making their fans laugh with their exciting content. And they do it with ease. They also hold a platform that is powerful and deep enough to reach out to a larger audience. Talk about issues that matter and share experiences that are less spoken about. The idea of ‘Men don’t cry’ has been idealised so much in the past that, men who do cry are considered weak. But Content Creator Neel is one of those who aren’t afraid to challenge the old ways and his video ‘300 Realisations‘ is an example of that.

Neel aka Just Neel Things has been gaining immense love and appreciation for his funny and witty content online. He is an actor and a filmmaker who has made a name for himself on Reels. His content always manages to make the fans laugh their hearts out. He recently crossed a milestone and hit 300k followers on Instagram. It shows the love that his fans have and how his content has been able to cheer people up. Instead of uploading a celebratory video, the creator decided to surprise his fans with an emotional video titled ‘300 Realisations.’

Neel uploaded a video showing off his other emotions. He wrote a heartfelt caption which read, “It’s okay Neel you uploaded a crying video on internet. So what? Men don’t cry? I know you make comedy content on internet, No one is going to judged you for what you are feeling. You have already been judged, framed, body shamed & past weeks have been terrible, but you motivated yourself and kept uploading the content naa? I know you feel very bad when a close one breaks your trust talks behind your back. I know you have done a lot but after all people are selfish. I know you were away from your home you felt lonely, used and friendless sometimes. You saw na how people are changing around you with speedy growing followers right? Don’t worry, no one is going to laugh at you. Your followers love you so much they have been with you everywhere. YA YA I KNOW YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO UPLOAD A HAPPY DANCE VIDEO ON 300k but instead you are uploading this, So What? You have always been real to your audience that’s it. chalo buckle up you gotta work more. you done expressing? Get back to work.

While Creators enjoy all the love, they are also mocked with hateful comments and brutal DMs. He post showed all the emotions that he went through and how it’s not all ‘sunshine and rainbows’ for Creators. His heartfelt video left a lasting impression on his Followers too.

Check out the video:

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