Musicians Tesher and Jason Derulo collaborate for Jalebi Baby

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Jalebi Baby

In another Bollywood-Hollywood collaboration, musician Tesher and Jason Derulo team up to remix the viral song Jalebi Baby.

If you've been on social media, you'd know all the songs that keep appearing on your explore page. While we have zero knowledge of the entire song and who created it, 15 seconds of that song became a hit with people making challenges out of it. People using these songs for Reels might also be considered as metrics to know if a song has become a hit. Indian-Canadian artist, Hitesh Sharma aka Tesher belongs to the list of artists whose songs become viral on the internet. He's the guy who created the viral song Jalebi Baby.

There was a time when everyone on the internet went '... baby let me see it, jalebi babyy.' The song was a massive hit with people playing it for every 15-sec video. Tesher had two songs that became part of the viral audios on the internet. His remix version of Old Town Road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus along with the Indian song Ramta Jogi was another viral song. The musician has now gone big and released the music video of his song Jalebi Baby. He teamed up with popular American R&B artist Jason Derulo. The song now has about 12 lakh views and has become the new hit of the town.

Watch the video here:

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