Book blogger Sneha Kapoor suggests some January 2023 books that she can't wait to read!

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January 2023 books

With a new month comes new opportunities to read and these January 2023 books suggestions by Sneha Kapoor are great to unwind on a weekend!

New year, new me? Maybe. New year, new books? Definitely! Stepping from 2022 into 2023 is refreshing and what also needs to be refreshed are our to-read lists. For true bookworms, the beginning of a new year involves going through the list of books releasing throughout the year and making a list of books they're excited to read. It doesn't matter if you're able to read it all; you still have to keep adding books to your lists and your shelves, right? Finding all the titles that are going to release in 2023 from all around the globe can be a tedious task though. Hence, book blogger, Sneha Kapoor helps us narrow it down to January 2023 books!

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Check out these books suggested by her!

Not Quite A Disaster After All - Buku Sarkar

In six connected, haunting vignettes that span two continents and two decades, we follow Anjali, a misfit, the daughter of a wealthy family, from her childhood in Calcutta to her coming of age in New York City, claiming the grimy dive bars of the East Village as her own. We also see her childhood friend Anita, who struggles with the quieter life, marriage and motherhood, in a suburb of Ohio. These women muster all their grit and resolve to make their way in the world, seeking their identity.


Image: Harper Collins

Ambapali - Tanushree Podder

This vivid narrative tells the story of a young woman forced to follow a path because of the machinations of powerful people. Propelled onto the cultural centerstage in the Vajji republic against her wishes, betrayed in love, and disappointed by friends, Ambapali's is yet the story of a strong woman determined to take control over her life.

The Blue Women - Anukrti Upadhyay

A young girl who forms a curiously intimate friendship with a bat. A man whose life is wrecked by an unsightly big toe. A teenager who will go to any lengths to have her stepfather to herself. The stories in The Blue Women paint vivid portraits of people's lives as they encounter the strange and the enigmatic - whether it is other people, creatures, nature, the inanimate, or themselves. 


Image: Amazon India

Tirukkuṟal: The Book of Desire - Meena Kandasamy

Written by the poet Thiruvalluvar, the Kamattu-p-pal is the third part of the Tirukkural - one of the most important texts in Tamil literature. The most intimate section of this great work - it is also, historically, the part that has been most heavily censored. Although hundreds of male translations of the text have been published, it has also only ever been translated by a woman once before. Tirukkural is award-winning writer Meena Kandasamy's luminous translation of the Kamattu-p-pal.

Imaginary Rain - Vikas Khanna

Prerna, a restaurant owner in Manhattan, is on the cusp of a midlife crisis, and her life indeed unravels when she suddenly loses her son, her lease, and with these, her passion for cooking as well. Caught in the grip of newly awakened emotions, Prerna finds herself confronted by haunting questions from her past, which take her back to India. So begins an intensely personal struggle that will lead Prerna to forgive herself, escape her past and rediscover her true passion for cooking.

Which book are you excited to read? Tell us in the comments below!

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