From fashion to daily entertaining videos, Indian creator Jessica Sharma is filling our timeline with her amazing content.

Content creation is on an all-time high and there is nothing more engaging right now than us scrolling through Instagram reels. We have seen a bunch of talented individuals getting their due recognition on digital platforms and Jessica Sharma happens to be part of this growing number of creators in India. In today’s Friday Follow, take a look at the reasons why you should follow her. Jessica is an artist and model who has been creating content for quite some time now. The creator has her own Youtube channel and shares interesting content almost every day on Instagram as well. Her content doesn’t usually revolve around one particular category.

“The best part of my content creation is getting to know more & more about the industry. Learning from my mistakes and creating better content for my family that I’ve made on the gram. I thoroughly enjoy creating content, it’s like therapy for me.” – Jessica Sharma

From fashion hauls, vlogs, cooking videos, to keep up with the latest dance trends, Jessica makes sure to tap into anything and everything. She dazzles in trendy outfits and brings out her inner royale with her classy Indian outfits. Jessica who is also a model enjoys creating content for her online fans. She believes that both have their own pros and cons. “My mom is a model and I’m a content creator. Modelling or content creation is not easy. But when you love what you do, it becomes easy, and you seem to forget about the hardships that come with it.”

It’s always amazing to watch new creators being appreciated online for all the efforts that they put in to keep us all entertained. As we appreciate Jessica too, we made a list of reasons why you should follow the creator to keep yourself entertained. No matter what she puts out there, she finds her inspiration from her mother and it keeps her going.

Take a look:

Her reels are both relatable and funny

She can totally make it to a magazine cover. Her photoshoots are proof enough

Her videos with her mother have to be the coolest thing on the internet

While we continue to be charmed by her content, we can get equally distracted by her mother. Her videos and challenges with her mother Anisha Nisha, who is also a model herself, leaves everyone wondering if they are sisters.

“Passion and hard work are something that I have learned from my mother. I’ve always seen my mom working hard no matter what the situation is. She inspires me to ‘never give up.’ Try again and again. If you are unable to get the result you wanted. Stand up and try again. I’ve always seen my mom work through thick and thin because never gives up. I see how passionate she is for the work she does, she’s been a model for the last 10 years and I’ve seen her working day and night without even complaining about it for a second. She inspires me to work hard for what I love and stay passionate for the things I love.”

She can be both, a desi girl

and slay that western outfit

Her outfits speak comfy and radiant

Jessica said, “My followers are the best supporters I can have. They hype me up, share my reels on their stories to support my journey. I receive such beautiful paragraphs, beautifully written emails, and some fantastic edits. I wouldn’t be where I am today without every one of them and for that, I am forever thankful.
Each one of them is super close to my heart for making me who I am today. I’m grateful to them as I’m writing this article because of their support. Every response stands out to me and I never forget any of them. The efforts they put for me is beyond anything,”
while talking about the kind of responses that she receives from her followers.

Have you been following her content? Let us know what you like the most about her.

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