Do you miss that nine-to-five hustle, while going to office everyday was a routine? Here’s a fun video that will take you back in time.

Most of us haven’t gone back to office for a year and a half. Ever since the pandemic hit us, we’ve missed dressing up, getting ready for work, that coffee we’d sip on in the pantry each time we needed a break. Although, working from home is convenient in its own way, like not having to wake up early and spending two hours going and coming, going to work had a lot of plusses too. Are you also waiting for that day when the pandemic comes to an end and we get to live our normal lives again?

This video by Kareema Barry gives us flashbacks of the good old days where we struggled every day to nail that perfect office look or when we wanted a better seat or maybe a better cubicle. Remember your first day of work and how you struggled to rock the outfit? Some experiences are just unforgettable. So, just to take you back to those days, Kareema Barry, a 23-year-old Instagram star with over 124k followers brings you a fun video that will want to make you go back to office right away.

How we wish we could ask those golden days to make a comeback!

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