The famous Harry Potter author JK Rowling faced backlash after she posted a tweet that suggestively turned out to be trans-phobic.

In the recent times, social media has been a catalyst when it comes to raising voices and effecting change. Twitter is one such strong platform. It is a platform that doesn’t hold back from questioning people on their faulty views and use of words. The same happened when author JK Rowling made a recent tweet. JK Rowling faced backlash after her tweet on ‘people who menstruate’ became a trending topic as people pointed out how the tweet was trans-phobic in nature. Her tweet caught more attention because of the ongoing fight against discrimination in race, gender and sexual orientation amongst other problematic societal norms.

Take a look at the tweet due to which JK Rowling faced backlash:

The author tweeted sharing her view on an article titled ‘Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate.’ She tweeted saying there is a name for people who menstruate calling out only to the women. She ended up being a twitter trend as people started calling the tweet to be trans-phobic and anti-trans. It is a fact that there are many transmen and non-binary people who continue to and can also menstruate. While there are women who no longer or cannot menstruate. People shared how her tweet, especially during these times was inappropriate.

Here’s how the people on Twitter shared their backlash on the tweet:

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