Josh Zilberberg videos that deserve a 'Thank Yew' for being painfully truthful

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Josh Zilberberg

Check out all these videos by Josh Zilberberg that give us a clear and real-time glimpse into the dating life of a single person, especially during the pandemic.

Can we all just agree that Instagram Reels have made our lives so much entertaining? I mean half of us hated the idea of having a 15-sec video feature at the beginning but the content that we get to see online has changed our minds for good. From challenges to trends, there are so many different reels out there but the ones we love the most are rant videos. There is a sense of satisfaction that we get when people speak up and talk about issues we face in our everyday life, especially in our dating lives. In a world full of marriage proposals and soulmates, Josh Zilberberg is speaking up for us singles.

Josh is a popular TikToker with over 1 million TikTok followers. His videos hit too close to home because he spills all the ugly truths that we hate to accept IRL. He is so unabashedly honest about what it's like to be single that every double-tap is one of agreement and guilt. We have all been the ones who ghosted someone, were ignored by the Tinder guy, and cried ourselves to sleep out of sheer frustration. As we keep wondering what our dating life will be like now, given how we're all under lockdown for longer than a year, here's a list of Josh's videos that are entertaining and also feel like a shoulder to cry on.

Check them out:

We'll just leave it there... You can follow him on Instagram @josh.zilberberg to get his daily dose of Thank Yews!!

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