We made a list of Khaby Lame reacting to various lame 5-minute craft videos and we cannot help but nod in agreement to him.

Sure, we are all fans of popular OTT shows and series. But when it is 3 am and you still can’t sleep, it is the lame YouTube videos that we go to. From ASMR videos that soothe our soul to the men making a whole new house by themselves, we see a bunch of YT videos at night that somehow feel questionable in the board daylight. The reasons why we watch them are still unknown. Watching 5-minutes crafts is also something we love to do. But the popular Comedian, Model, and TikToker Khaby Lame have quite some questions about them.

The creator may have popped up on your explore page or may have been introduced to you by a friend. Khaby is someone who makes hilarious videos. He is also a model and a social media manager. But one of his series that caught everyone’s attention is his reaction videos. He has been reacting to various quick DIY crafts that are supposed to be helpful but are damn right foolish. These innovations/DIY are not only lame but also lack any reason to exists. We made a list of him reacting to such videos, and we all resonate with his reactions.

Take a look at his videos:

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