Check out these entertaining and funny videos created by Sean Tenedine, who as it turns out, is a pakka desi at heart. Bollywood lovers, you’re sure to enjoy these videos!

Being an Indian and loving Bollywood may never be a surprise to the world. We live, breathe, and survive on cinema because it is in our blood. However, the internet has proved that it is not just desis, but people from around the world who love and enjoy Indian movies. Sean Tenedine happens to be one of them, and boy! his content is proof of that. He is the perfect example of how hard it is to get away from the charm, creativity, and madness of Bollywood. Sipping on chai and trying Paneer Tikka Pizza, he even agrees that Chai Tea Latte should NOT be a thing.

Staying at home or in quarantine doesn’t have to suck. Instead, you can give your daily scrolls an upgrade by adding Sean to the list of foreigners who are desi at heart!

Check out these entertaining videos:

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