Watch out for these July 2020 shows that are all set to entertain us

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July 2020 shows

There is a bunch of exciting new shows that will be released on our favourite OTT platforms. We have made a list of such upcoming July 2020 shows.

We are all in search of something new. And this search leaves us wondering and spending hours figuring out what to watch next. Yep, the 'what to watch next' is the only search that matters and that we all spend hours on happily. While many of us might have already begun a new show or might have finished one, there are a bunch of new shows that will be released this month. We have made a list of July 2020 shows that one can add to their list before they finish their current show.

Check out these July 2020 shows and series:

Amazon Prime

July 3

Hanna: Season 2

July 6

The Fosters: Seasons 1-5

July 10

Breathe Into The Shadows

July 17

Absentia: Season 3

July 29

Animal Kingdom: Season 4


July 1

Deadwind: Season 2

Unsolved Mysteries

Anne Frank: Parallel Stories

July 2

Warrior Nun

July 3

Cable Girls: Final Season (Part 2)

July 9

The Protector: Season 4

July 17

Cursed - Season 1

July 22

Norsemen: Season 3

July 23

In the Dark: Season 2

July 29

Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons: Season 4

July 31

The Umbrella Academy- Season 2


July 31

Muppets Now- Season 1


July 7

Blue Exorcist, Seasons 1-2

Your Lie in April - Season 1

91 Days - Season 1


July 1

1000-lb Sisters, Season 1

The American Farm, Season 1

July 5

Outcry, Season 1


10th July


Cocktail (Tamil)

16th July

Virgin Bhanupriya


10th July


MX Player

4th July

Times of Music


July 1st


July 4th

Travel At Home

July 5th


July 17th

Love Island

July 24th

Jersey Shore Family Vacation S3

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