18 space sci-fi movies that are out of the world

Smrithi Mohan
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space sci-fi movies

Take a look at these top 18 space sci-fi movies that every sci-fi fan absolutely loves.

Ever since people have been to the Moon, everybody gets to see a glimpse of the outer space in a bunch of movies. Planets, space, aliens you point it out and we have a movie based on it. Apart from all the rom-coms and gangster movies, one thing that entertains and excites the audiences is movies based on space. Moviemakers don't upset our audiences and make a new movie based on them almost every year. People can almost, practically live in outer space thanks to all these movies. It is also hard to resist these movies and they always make it to our to-watch list. We have made a list of these space sci-fi movies that we all absolutely love.

Take a look:

Star Wars

The Matrix

Minority Report

Ad Astra


Star Trek

Men In Black



The Space Between Us

Planet of the Apes

High Life

District 9


I am Mother

The Martian

Love Death + Robots


Guardians of the Galaxy

Madmax: The Fury Road

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