Kabir Singh : Should You Watch The Shahid Kapoor Starrer? Audience Reveals

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Kabir Singh

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer drama, Kabir Singh released earlier today. It’s the official remake of the 2017 Telugu hit, Arjun Reddy which was also helmed by Director Sandeep Vanga. The trailer of the film and its Telugu version were clear indicators of the film’s storyline which revolves around an alcoholic surgeon who drowns himself in a self-inflicted hell as he sets off on a self-destructive journey after the girl he loves is forced to marry someone else. Shahid Kapoor is seen pulling off a loud, brash, arrogant guy and is sure to remind you of the actor’s much-appreciated performance as ‘Tommy Singh’ but isn’t as likable as the Udta Punjab character was made to be. The film stars Kiara Advani opposite Shahid who becomes the root cause and the object of his love, desire, and undoing.

The trailer created a lot of buzz when it was launched and sent fans into a frenzy over the on-screen couple’s chemistry and more than that Shahid’s angry young man avatar. Now that the film has released, fans and audience have a lot to say (good and bad) besides the obvious comparison between the remake and original. So, obviously, we brought you some of the janta and critic reviews to help you decide whether ‘Kabir Singh’ should be ‘On’ or ‘Off’ your weekend movie plans!

Take a look:

While there's a lot that's offensive, distasteful and simply wrong in many ways, Shahid Kapoor's attention-grabbing portrayal of the self-destructive, Kabir Singh seems to have impressed his fans nonetheless.

Here's what they have to say:

The Indian film industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. From path-breaking content to unbelievable performances to avant-garde direction techniques. We’re moving forward as content creators and content consumers too. However, a large chunk of the Indian audience inherently still enjoys masala entertainers which is why we have brilliant to average to downright terrible movies fuelled by star power and the massy appeal that turn into box-office successes.

We need such entertainers to make us laugh and have diverse cinematic experience. Which is why Masala entertainers aren’t always a bad thing but they do bring a lot of objectionable and irksome ideas along with minimum to no content value.

Whether you dislike the offensive nature of the content or enjoy it as just another masala film is up to you. But the question remains, does creative liberty outweigh social conscience and objectivity?

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