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Directed by Rajat Kapoor, Kadakh on Sony LIV weaves a tale around adultery, mutton, a dead body and a house party. A funny combination, no?

Sony LIV's Kadakh tells the story of a couple that hosts a Diwali party while hiding a dead body in their house. This a-moral unconventional dark comedy will make you feel bad each time you laugh.

Cast - Ranvir Shorey does a fabulous job as Sunil. It's so easy to understand his plight and hate him at the same time. He's fighting his demons throughout the film when he's paranoid, delusional, and edging towards a downward spiral and struggled to put on his game face for the party he's hosting. Maalti (Mansi Multani's) role while being pretty minimal is a vital one. In the absolute chaos that is her house, she's the calming force until the last 10 minutes, which is when all hell breaks loose. Rajat Kapoor, Shruti Seth, Cyrus Sahukar, Sagar Deshmukh, and Tara Sharma remind you of that group of friends you call family. Their characters are so relatable and their friendship is portrayed in a very natural manner, one that seems very familiar. Chandrachoor Rai plays the role of Raghav, the man who becomes unstable after his wife cheats on him. His scenes capture such extreme emotions that would be hard to put into words for you and me.

Storyline - Kadakh starts with Sunil opening the door and standing face to face with Raghav, the husband of a woman he slept with. Raghav seems to be too calm for comfort in the beginning and loses his plot just as quickly before he shoots himself, leaving you no time to understand when the transition happened. Sunil's wife, Maalti rings the doorbell soon after and he cooks up a story about Raghav's identity and the two of them clean up the mess and hide his body. Sunil and Maalti are having a house party for Diwali with all their friends and family over with a dead body in the house that nobody knows about except the two of them. What follows after is a series of uncomfortably hilarious events that leave you glued throughout the 90 minutes.

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What I liked - The silence is held beautifully in this film, especially in the last scene which acts as such a contrast to the chaos throughout the film. This movie makes you so uncomfortable right from the start, allowing you no time to settle in. Rajat Kapoor's take on yet another dark comedy left me in shock and in splits. He's picked a brilliant star cast with an insane performance from every single character. Cyrus Sahukar's reaction to the dead body and Sagar Deshmukh's drunk scene was ridiculously hilarious. The background score played the role of a protagonist in Kadakh.

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