Kancha Cheena, the iconic Bollywood villain who out did the hero and won our hearts!

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Kancha Cheena

We remember the villain who wrote the unneesva adhyay of being a super evil villain, Kancha Cheena. Check out how this iconic villain manages to scare the sh*t out of us.

It takes a brutal villain to stand against a righteous hero. While the hero will go to any extent to be the ideal self saving the day, the villain doesn't stay from being bad either. Playing the cruel self these humans only wish for the ultimate. One such wicked villain who wanted to rule an entire island is Kancha Cheena. The gruesome drug kingpin who moved to Mandwa running it as a concentration camp while exploiting the villagers to run his own drug mafia.

This iconic villain still manages to bring a shiver down our spine with his evil looks and barbarous intentions. What makes Kancha Cheena special among all our favourite villain is the fact that it has been played by two great actors who have made an impact on their portrayal. Dany Genzongpa played the original Kancha in the 1990 movie starring Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay. Although we remember the movie for Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, we cannot forget the gelled hair and aviator donning Kancha who always suited up to get this evil work done.

Kancha Cheena

The second Kancha was played by Sanjay Dutt in the 2012 movie by Dharma Productions starring Hrithik Roshan as the new Vijay. Even though Sanjay recreated an old villain, he everything about his Kancha was owned by him. The all-black attire, bald head and ear-ring, finding his reference from Ramayan and Mahabharth, this Kancha was scarier than the old one. He had a back story of his own where he was always mocked and made fun of his hairless head, this Kancha was a product of bullying. He channelled his inner anger and grew to become the evilest villain of all times.

Kancha Cheena

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The 1990 movie Agneepath was the first time Dany Denzongpa and Amitabh Bachchan shared the same screen space, although they began their movie career together. They had the chance to do a film together earlier with Sholay and Coolie it end up not happening. The name Kancha Cheena was suggested by the actor himself to Director Mukul S Anand.


Talking of the 2012 film, Sanjay Dutt appeared bald for the first time in 30 years of his career and his look had intrigued the audience even before the movie released. Here too the actors, Sanjay and Hrithik came back together after 12 years since Mission Kashmir and coincidently Sanjay kills his father in both movies. The role of Kancha in this remake was 1st offered to Nana Patekar who refused it. (Maybe for good! cause we loved Sanjay.)

Here are some of the most iconic Kancha Cheena dialogues:

"Apna usool kehta he , agar fayda ho toh jhooth ko sach maan lo, dushman ko dost bana lo"- Dany Denzongpa

"Tum kya leke aaye the, aur kya leke jaaoge. Rahejaye sirf ek insaan, sarva shakthi shali, sarva shaktimaan" - Sanjay Dutt

"Agar aaisa ho gaya toh apna khopdi phir jayega ... aur tumhara mundi kat jayega" - Dany Denzongpa

"Aaj ke jeevan ka doosra naam hai ... rokda, paisa, maal" - Sanjay Dutt

“Ab mein likhunga geeta ka unneesva adhyay. Vijay Dinanath Chauhan Ko Marna Padega”- Sanjay Dutt 

"Kamzor ki dosti ... taqatwar ke vaar ko kam kar deti hai" - Dany Denzongpa

Can't tell about Mandwa, Kancha for sure rules our heart.