Kantara seems to be an epic mythological adventure for the Janta!

Aishwarya Srinivasan
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Kantara starring Rishabh Shetty released in the cinemas on October 14 and garnered a lot of love from the Janta!

Kantara begins in the 18th Century when a king gives a piece of land to tribals in exchange for peace, joy, and prosperity. Years later, due to greed and selfishness, the King's successor tries to threaten villagers to return the land. But his sudden and mysterious death puts an end to that debate. Twenty years later, forest officer Murali (Kishore) who considers himself the custodian of the forest tries to put an end to tree cuttings and unscientific rituals in that land. But Shiva (Rishab Shetty), who adamantly believes the forest does not need to be saved, has constant arguments with Murali. Leela (Saptami Gowda), a newly appointed forest guard, is initially caught in the crossfire between the villagers and the forest department. But she quickly takes a stand, which is not in the favor of Shiva. The landlord (Achyut Kumar), who is also the successor of the dynasty, and now a local politician, has his eyes on the ancestral property. Who the land actually belongs to is what the story revolves around!

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