Check out how Karan Sareen has hilariously reimagined the Kardashians in a Punjabi Parivar with his Keeping Up With Kaleshans series.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has to be one of the guilty pleasure shows that people watch and never confess in public. For every intellectual, quality content driven shows this is a breakpoint for them to pass their time without thinking too hard on the storyline. It is all about watching the super-rich sisters do super-rich things and have rich people problems while we sit at our homes eating pizza on my rusty couch. If thought of it that makes for a perfect Indian soap and may have inspired Indian Netflix shows like Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. Considering the amount of masala and drama that the show has, we might as well have an Indian version of KUWTK. Well, guess what we already have one. Thanks to Digital content creator Karan Sareen.

Karan is a content creator who has successfully breeched into our timelines with his witty and relatable Reel contents. She plays it cool and plays it well giving us laughs in our daily lives that we hardly ever noticed before. He knows how to make a point and how to stir laughter. He has always tried including his Punjabi background into his content and making it his own. And his series Keeping Up With Kaleshans is just an example of his amazing creativity.

From Kaleshan parivar‘s most successful member and biba puttar, Kimmy showing off her money or praising her husband to Kris Jenner trying to have a conversation with her kids, Karan does it all and it is super funny. He has, over the 8 episodes, reimagined the Kardashians in a Punjabi Parivar talking about their controversies and deals. If you haven’t check out what happens in the Kalesh-ans parivar, you have to check out the videos.

Check out these videos:

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