These Reels of Karan Sonawane collaborating with celebrities are another feather in his hat

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Karan Sonawane

Check out these Reels of Karan Sonawane collaborating with celebrities for their promotion has to be the best part of social media.

The Indian digital space has grown and most of the credit goes to creators who have changed the way the audience consumes content. They have managed to create innovative and informative 15-30 sec content. This content is so engaging that most of the audience now prefers these short videos over the normal longer versions. Telling stories in their own unique way has become the audience's way of coping with office stress. Karan Sonawane has become a fan favorite in the digital space and his growth is proof of that. The creator became a known face in the Indian creator community with his relatable content that not just brings fun but also craziness to the table.

Karan is part of the creator group that calls themselves the 'Ourange Jyuce Gang.' With creators who have their own unique traits, this group has over time become the audience's favorite part of social media. And Karan has managed to step out and stand out with his 50 expressions/min. We have seen him collaborate with his fellow creators while planning and coming up with stories that lighten up our most stressful days. But his recent collaborations with Bollywood celebrities has us hooked! From Alia Bhatt, Vidya Balan, John Abraham to Rajkummar Rao, he has collaborated with a bunch of big names. Karan managed to weave a story as these celebs interacted with his trademark character Sonawane vahini or his own creator self. Even though these have been a part of their promotional activities, Karan was able to put his own touch on these videos which made them so popular!

We made a list of some that you should check out!

Which is your favorite Karan x Bollywood celeb collaboration? Let us know in the comments below.

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