SonyLIV's Karkhanisanchi Waari tells a tickling yet real story of the aftermath of a death

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Karkhanisanchi Waari

SonyLIV's Karkhanisanchi Waari is a story about a dysfunctional joint family that goes on a trip to fulfill the last wish of a dead beloved.

In India, most joint families that survive living together are often dysfunctional. It's safe to say that we rarely come across a Sooraj Bharjatya type of a joint family in reality. And the real characteristics of people come out only in two scenarios in such families, one is when they have a wedding in the family and the other is when someone dies in the family. Combining these two things, death and a joint family is what makes this Marathi film, Karkhanisanchi Waari a funny tickle to your bone that is also a reality check. To fulfill the last wish of their beloved one, this family with different generations take one last trip together that spills all the beans.

Starring Amey Wagh, Mrunmayee Deshpande, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Pradeep Joshi, Vandana Gupte, Shubhangi Gokhale, Pradeep Velankar, Ajit Abhyankar, Karkhanisanchi Waari is sweet, real, adventurous, and leaves you deep in thought along with moments of humor. Each and everyone in this film is going through their own individual problems which slowly start to reveal as their journey begins inside a red van. A devoted brother, an NRI return, a brother who is on the brink of a psychotic breakdown, a closeted lesbian, and a son who is considered to be a lost cause, when all of these come together to fulfill the last wish of their beloved brother and father, it all comes crashing down.

The movie takes you on a beautiful picturesque road while making you go through nostalgia, humor, confusion, and a whole lot of hard truths that always come to the surface after death. There are many secrets that each one who is alive and, as well as deceased, is hiding from each other. The movie goes on at two different spheres while there are some members of the family go on a journey to fulfill the last wish of the deceased, elsewhere the wife is trying to figure out how she is going to manage without her husband who is now dead. As the story moves along, the beans start spilling and each one has to make a decision for themselves as well as for the deceased.

The aftermath of the death of a beloved and those 13 days that are filled with grief and a whole lot of confusion should be made into a genre of its own because it's pretty unexplored. Karkhanisanchi Waari doesn't sing a happy song about being a joint family, instead, it paints a realistic picture of what it looks like to live in one and especially in Mumbai where you barely have space to even breathe properly. Directed by Mangesh Joshi, this movie is a comical, emotional, and realistic ride into the aftermath journey of death. It is streaming on SonyLIV and is also available in Hindi.

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