It’s has been 2 months since Karnataka floods happened and the people question Narendra Modi on his silence.

Heavy rains coupled with lack of proper infrastructure have acted as a cause for major destruction this year in various parts of our country. The Karnataka floods were one of the most damaging. Heavy rains, especially from the month of June to August, resulted in floods in the southern part of the country. These states became prey to adverse situations with lakhs of people losing their lives and livelihood.

As mentioned in Wikipedia, various sectors of Karnataka had to pay a major price for the heavy water discharge from the Maharashtra reservoir that resulted in floods. Although it was possible to replace thousands into safe relief camps, many were displaced and about 61 lost their lives with several hectares of farmland being perished. The state CM had announced a compensation of 5 lakhs for the families that were deeply affected during the Karnataka floods.

However, the people of the state are upset and have voiced their unhappiness that even after 2 months of the floods they have not received the compensation. In light of these events, Narendra Modi‘s support to the Bihar flood victims sparked a negative conversation on Twitter as people felt they did not receive equal support from the PM during the Karnataka floods.

Here is how the people reacted on Modi’s lack of support to the people affected by Karnataka floods:

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