Like every other time, do not miss out on all the exciting social media-worthy news as we report about the influencer’s week.

All we need for the weekend is creator news. We cannot miss out on all the fun our digital celebrities have, especially when many have been doing amazingly well. From getting recognized for their work to making sure to keep their audiences happy with their daily entertainment, our creators continue to make the internet a happy place to be.

Dam Fam recently celebrated 2 years of forming their group. The group that includes creators like Unnati, Mannav Chabbra, Tanzeel Khan, Addy Kumarr, Sankett, Ashi Khanna, Arsh, and Aashna Hegde has been creating content together while also collaborating with other fellow creators. We also had creators rejoicing in their win after they were recognized for their work. Prajakta Rane was awarded Grazia Millennial Awards while Ankush Bahuguna shared his dazzling look from Cosmopolitan Awards.

Creator Awez Darbar who is now traveling has been creating videos and sharing his street style in the snow. Neel did not miss out on joining the world on April Fool’s day and pranking Barkha Singh in his recent video. To know more about our influencer’s week, keep reading.

Take a look:

Have a nice weekend!

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