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The Crown

If you're a fan of The Crown and have been following Princess Diana's story, then check out this week's Ketchup Cut that discusses one of the episodes from Season four, The Fairytale.

Fairytales have always excited us. All the Cinderella's, Bella's of the world made us wonder when we will meet the Prince and Princess of our lives. While these are just stories, the other thing that really excites us is the real-life version of these stories. Today on Ketchup Cut, we will be discussing one show that gave the world a glimpse of the insides of The Royal Family, The Crown. And the episode that we will be talking about is the third episode of Season four, 'The Fairytale'.

About the movie:

Created by – Peter Morgan

Episode director – Benjamin Caron

Cast – Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, Marion Bailey, Josh O'Connor, Emma Corrin

Principally Writer by – Peter Morgan

Where to watchNetflix

Ketchup Cut:

An episode that somewhat sums up the life of the world's most loved princess of all times, Diana, this episode is everything that life has to offer. There is happiness, the nervousness of a bride-to-be, the terror of responsibility, and most of all the extreme sadness that is to follow. This tale spoke about the beginning of an unhappily ever after of the most influential person in the world, Princess Diana.

It's the story that has been narrated, heard, and read over and over time and again. The need of finding the culprit and someone to blame drives us to new sources who have their own version of the story to share. While it's been heard before, the one thing that makes this 56 mins worth watching is how we realize that the victim is not just a single person, but everyone involved. Each person is a victim of having to follow a rule, a tradition or fulfill their duty to the crown. It's a reminder that tragedy can happen to anyone no matter where or who they are.

A life turned around from being a young free-spirited girl who moved around like the wind to her becoming part of a royal family and the mother of the future heir to the throne. The story could be a close representation of Princess Margaret's life of lost love and being subjected to the house rules. We get to see that when Charles calls the Queen to inform her that he has proposed to Diana by saying ‘It’s done!’ like he was handed a task that had to be completed. And later on, he replies to a journalist “Whatever ‘love’ means” concludes the fate of what their relationship was to be.

We get to witness the insides of the most celebrated weddings in the world. While the world saw a lovely couple, the episode gave us a glimpse of deteriorating mental health. From the awkward first interview with the press after their engagement to her witnessing the overwhelming life of being part of a royal family, we get to witness it all. The happiness that the episode starts with soon becomes more real. Forgetting to greet the Queen in a proper way, being trained to become a part of the family, all show the pressure rising in her life. We see her trying to cope with the loneliness in the palace after Charles goes on a trip. She skates around in the palace while listening to 'Girls on Film,' and soon finds herself dealing with an eating disorder. Despite all the things going south in her personal life, we see her finally walking down the aisle smiling at the people around and becoming the Princess of Whales. Charles has seen love. He was always someone who was looked up to as someone who will hold the throne in the future and had to act worthy of it all his life. And giving up his love was one of the many things he had to do. While Diana, who loved him dearly but couldn’t find him reciprocating the same, was bound in a relationship that was more than just about love. It was about being the Princess of Whales and the mother of the future King.

About the movie:

"Ben said to me if you ever get followed by a photographer, or your name ends up in the paper when you’re surrounded by flashing lights, and you feel daunted or overwhelmed or anything you feel, this is exactly how she would be feeling. You’re going to have a parallel experience. The show already has changed my life quite a lot, and I expect when it comes out, things will get a little mad for a bit,” says Emma Corin on a word of warning she received from Benjamin Caron, the director. (experts:

Fun Facts:

Peter Morgan, the creator of the show, didn't have much of an interest in the royal family.

The show was initially pitched as a three-season show.

John Lithgow stuffed cotton up his nose to get into the character of Winston Churchill

The show stands true to the story and is the most expensive TV show ever made

Other dearly loved actors of the show, the corgis actually eat a lot of cheese. Blocks of cheddar

The queen herself is rumored to have watched the show

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Nominated three times for Outstanding Drama Series
  • Won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for John Lithgow and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Claire Foy
  • Golden Globe Awards: won Best Television Series – Drama twice
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards: won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series twice
  • won Top 10 TV Programs of the Year four times
  • won Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in an Episode of a One-Hour Television Series – Non-Commercial three times and was nominated for the same once
  • nominated for Excellence in Sound for a Television Drama three times

What was your favorite Crown moment? Let us know!

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