KetchupCut: The pre climax of The Pope's Exorcist and its hauntingly beautiful execution

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KetchupCut: The pre climax of The Pope's Exorcist and its hauntingly beautiful execution

In today's KetchupCut, we're talking about the terrifying yet beautiful execution of The Pope's Exorcist pre climax!

The Pope's Exorcist is about Father Gabriele Amorth, a chief exorcist for the Vatican who performed more than 100,000 exorcisms in his lifetime. Exorcism feels like an easy job for a man like Amorth to do until he encounters the most powerful demon he could have ever exorcised. After handling so many cases of exorcism, he encounters Asmodeus, the king of hell, whose only motive is to possess an exorcist. The Asmodeus uses a small kid in the family as a vessel to call Amorth to perform an exorcism. Once Amorth reaches there, his entire life is upside down and after finding out the demon's name, he's terrified beyond belief.

About the movie:

Directed By: Julius Avery.

Written and Created by:  Julius Avery and Russell Crowe.

Cast: Russell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe and Franco Nero. 

Genre:  Supernatural Horror.

Where to watch: Theatres

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Ketchup Cut:

Most films create the anticipation for the climax but what happens when the pre climax terrifies you more than the actual climax? In this scene, Satan has used Henry, a child as a vessel so it gives him more power and control over people's mind. Asmodeus being the most powerful demon of all, tries to switch from Henry's body to his sister's and creates a horrifying aura and tries to kill everyone present in the room. This is when Amorth sacrifices himself and lets the demon in. You must be thinking what's so terrifying in that? As someone who watches horror movies for fun, I was scared for a minute because of its beautiful execution and horror elements.

When Henry tries to connect with the exorcist again, we can hear the wrath and power in his voice, and at this point, he switches bodies with her sister, revealing a more feminine but terrible side of the demon. At this point, the demon has control over Henry and his sister but from the very beginning of the movie, this demon clearly asked for Amorth who let the demon in to help his family. The best part of this pre climax is that there's too many things happening around the exorcist and even though he saves the family, the family isn't really safe. So Amorth tries to defeat Satan while he is possessed by him. In process of fighting the inner demon, Amorth sees the past and now all of a sudden all the dots are connecting. This transition of the pre climax into climax is one of the finest transitions I have ever seen.


This film had all the classic horror elements but had a distinct newness. Even the cliché cross turning upside down felt like something we hadn't seen before. The top-notch background music and the most banal sound effects enhance the movie even more. I specifically liked the performance of every single actor in this film but Peter DeSouza-Feighoney who plays Henry has to take the cake.


Which scene from this movie made you fall in love with the horror genre all over again? Let us know in the comments below!

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