#KetchupTalks: We spoke to Arya Chandel about the elixir of choosing the world of magic

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Check out what Dentist turned magician, Arya Chandel had to share about his introduction to the world of magic, performing for an online audience and more.

We have all picked up a random stick that looks like a wand and tried our best to put our will into making every Harry Potter spell we know come true in real life. But to our disappointment they never work and we are left wishing it was real. Though we cannot actually perform magic, there are people who have learned the tricks that make magic happen in real life. Dentist turned magician, Arya Chandel is one of them who is creating waves with his mind-blowing tricks.

Arya who was born in middle class home in Jamshedpur is an Orthodontist by profession. But growing up he was fascinated with all things magical and mysterious. This attraction was so strong that he went on to try and learn more about magic. Practicing the art of mentalism for over a decade, he's become one of the most sought-after performers in the country. A big fan of the famous magician, David Copperfield, Aryan aspires to be like him and continues to brush up his skills. His hard work, consistency and determination has lead to him leading to become a two time National Award winner. He also landed few shows where he staged and showcased his magic tricks. Apart from that, he was also a part of India's first ever Magic Series, 'The Bold Project'.

Arya is one of the biggest names in the Indian Magic industry and a Guinness Book record holder. He has performed in many countries such as Singapore, Dubai Bangkok, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. He has also worked with popular Bollywood celebrities like Mika Singh, Kapil Sharma, and many more. He has been increasingly active on social media engaging with his audience with several Reels on Instagram. He performs an array of magic tricks, from 'mind reading' to 'hypnosis' and much more. He has the online audience in utter shock where they want to watch more of what he has to offer. We had the opportunity to have a chat with the magician himself, and know more about his ever growing love for magic, mentalism, social media and more.

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Here's what he had to share!

What is it like being a magician in this social media era? How have things changed?

Social media has helped me change the complete scenario. When I started working as a magician, there was no scope to show my work to the world but with the help of social media, I have reached more than a million people who have appreciated my work and social media has recognised me.

You have been recognised with the National Award and also the Guinness Book record. How did these accolades come your way?

National Award is basically a championship. It's like a competition where every magician across the country takes part and shows their skill. I have won 2 National championships (National Awards) and 5 times the state championship as the best magician of the country and state.

What is it about mentalism that makes it so mind blowing? How did you crack it and how long did it take?

Practice, dedication and continuity is the key to crack the code. We are still the student of the art and I guess I'll be a student as every day there is something new to learn, body language, eye movements, lip reading and more are a few factors of the mentalist which makes it possible and every time when you try to read some one, it's always a new learning and that's what makes it mind-blowing.

Who are the mentalists or magicians you follow? Who inspired the person you are today?

David Copperfield has been my idol from the early days. France Harare and PC sarkar have also influenced me as a human they are the legends of their era.

How did you end up becoming part of 'The Bold Project' and what is bold magic according to you?

When it comes to street magic, we hardly see magicians showing their skills and talent in India as compared to the foreign magicians. The Project Bold is an initiative where we are bringing these skills to the mass audience with the help of social media. We have a lot of talent in our country and social media is the blessing to showcase this talent.

Tell us about your experience of creating content on social media. How has it helped your journey as a mentalist?

Social media has changed the complete scenario for me. At present I have over 100k followers on Instagram and creating the right content has not only given me recognition but also increased the growth of my career as a mentalist. I can reach more audience across the country and even social media has given me some name out of the country.

How do you plan on continuing your love for the art and can you share your future plans with our readers?

My future plans consists of life public stunts. We are working on some amazing public stunts like walking in the wall, walking in water and more. My love to the art is practically growing day by day and I want to touch the sky as there is no limitation of our mind and I want to unlock every code behind it.

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