#KetchupTalks: In conversation with the director Pan Nalin and producer Dheer Momaya of India's official entry to Oscars 2023, Chhello Show

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Chhello Show

The director, Pan Nalin, and producer, Dheer Momaya of Chhello Show, talk to us about how they feel about the selection, the controversy with RRR, what it was like to make the film, and so much more.

Single-screen theatres have long been in jeopardy; either they have been emptied out, finished, destroyed, or non-functioning at all. Today, theatres in general are facing a tough time with the rise of OTT platforms and this has gotten people talking about bringing single-screen theatres back into existence. Firstly, because it is cheaper, and secondly, that's where stars were made. The audience went in to escape daily life, whistle, and dance when their favorite star's made an entry and it catered to the audience that couldn't afford too high a price, after all, movies are for everyone. Chhello Show, if anything, brings back that nostalgia of single-screen theatres and our childhood.

While talking to the director and producer of Chhello Show (Last Film Show), Pan Nalin, and Dheer Momaya, I got to know a whole lot more about parallel cinemas, how the makers feel about being India's official selection for the Oscars for 2023, and what the makers think about always being compared to RRR. We also dabbled into the industry of film festivals and how Pan felt about going back to his own childhood with this film, as it's inspired a lot by his childhood days.

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How do you feel about this film being selected as the official entry to the Oscars from India and being compared to RRR?

Pan Nalin said, "I was not expecting this to happen but Dheer was expecting but irrespective we have been celebrating non-stop. Because while making this film the cast and crew came so close that we have become friends and family now so there is a lot of celebration, talks, and reassurance in a lot of talents. People might not know this but we have a lot of young team members some of them were doing their first feature film. As for the comparison with RRR, that is more of a question for the jury of the film federation of India as I don't really know how these decisions are really made. We did our submission knowing the way our country has such diverse cinema culture, we love movies that have big stars, and so many languages. I don't think there is any country that makes movies in so many languages so it might be easier for South Korea to pick one as there is only one Korean language, France has french, and Spain has Spanish but we have so much variety within our cinematic universe. I am sure it must have been a tough job for the jury as well. Our distributor Samuel Goldwin (Lunana, Another Around) was the first one to tell us this was a serious contender for the Oscars. Dheer did a screening for Ashutosh Gawrikor several months ago and he was the first one to say, guys get your tuxedos ready, you are going to the Oscars.."

Dheer Momaya added, "India is a passionate country which is really passionate about its films so it is only understandable that fans of certain films are upset and it happens in every country as seen there are debates happening in France or in Korea so it's really a universal concept. Especially because movies bring out the most passionate version of the audience. When people watch our film, the response has been very heartwarming and they start projecting themselves into our film and that is something really beautiful. People have started pulling out their own stories of childhood or their experience of watching a film for the first time. The film is also sort of an entrepreneurial journey where life is throwing you lemons and you decide what to make with it."

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