#KetchupTalks: Punjabi singer, songwriter Romaana talks about his latest hit track ‘Kya Hota’ and his process behind writing his songs!

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After Goriyaan Goriyaan and Mehrbaniaan EP, Romaana has been taking over our playlist with his new song ‘Kya Hota’. He spoke to us about who inspires him the most and who he prefers listening to when he isn’t feeling his best.

Romaana was first discovered by ace composer-lyricist Jaani in 2017 and since then he has only gone onwards and upwards. He speaks to us about why his latest song is so special for him and how it all fell into place in the process of making it, especially when he knew he wanted to try something new and different this time around. He also gave us some insight into how he really discovered his love for music, and how he wants everyone to relate to his songs and get that much needed serotonin boost while listening to his music.

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Here’s how the conversation went!

Can you tell us about your latest song “Kya Hota” and how it all came together?

I am super excited that 'Kya Hota' has finally landed on our playlists because it was in the works for a long while; it is very close to my heart. When we were in the studio, we wanted to make a romantic song but didn't want to take the conventional route, hence we created an upbeat production and a singalong melody with my voice just flowing with the beat. Special thanks to BPraak paaji who played an integral part in the making of the song. Jaani paaji put all his heart into writing the lyrics and Arvindr Khaira paaji tied everything together with his vision using a bittersweet love story. It wasn't very easy for me to pull out those emotions and perform but Anjali was indeed a great co-star, and we both are grateful to you all for the amazing response that we are getting for 'Kya Hota'. 

Do you have a favourite verse from the song and why?

The whole song is extremely special because it brings together the OGs BPraak paaji, Jaani paaji, and Arvindr Khaira paaji to create this masterpiece. 

Who inspires you the most? 

My Ustad ji, Jaani paaji inspires me the most because he has only one piece of advice for anyone and everyone that he himself truly believes in - If you want to fulfil your dreams, you have to work every day and consistency is the key to success. 

When did you discover your passion for music? Tell us a little bit about how your journey started!

I have been inclined towards music since my childhood and once my studies got over, I decided to convert this passion into my profession. Avvy Sra introduced me to Jaani paaji in 2017 during a studio session and to my surprise, he already knew about me from social media! Since he was working on a couple of projects, he got me on board for playing the guitar on a few songs including ‘Hath Chumme’. After that, we started jamming regularly and slowly ended up where we are today! It is because of him I got the opportunity to be a part of record-shattering songs like Arijit Singh's 'Pachtaoge', 'Filhall' by B-Praak, ‘Baarish Ki Jaaye’ and more.  

What are the songs that you’re currently listening to?

My own song, Kya Hota! 

What do you listen to when you aren’t feeling your best?

Any of Jaani and BPraak songs. They’re so beautifully constructed, it gives me the motivation to build something timeless like them. 

What’s your process like while writing a new song? Do you like taking instances from your own life while writing? 

The writing process for every song is unique and different; after I released my first song ‘Goriyaan Goriyaan’ in April 2021, I spent the majority of my time writing new songs and ‘Mehrbaniaan EP’ came out as a result, inspired by real-life events. Lyrically, each song explores a different theme of romance but in its own capacity. I take inspiration from Jaani paaji on how he looks at things from a different perspective and inculcate that in my own writing. 

Most of your songs are quite upbeat but romantic at the same time. As an artist, what do you want your listeners to feel when they listen to your music?

I don’t like to box my music in genres or themes; I want my songs to be heard by everyone. If I had to have them feel something specific - it would be for them to believe my song is the soundtrack of their life in a particular situation.

You can listen to Romaana's new song 'Kya Hota' on Spotify, YouTube, Jiosavan, Hungama, and Apple Music!

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