#KetchupTalks: Ashwin Pramod on taking a new approach of making his own kind of music!

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In an exclusive conversation with us, Ashwin Pramod shared his journey, recent projects and integration of AI in his creative process. 

Art is the direct representation of what we see outside and it has always changed its colors to match the vibes of the times and the upgraded tastes of its listeners. From the swingin' jazz joints of the Roaring Twenties to the EDM festivals of today, each era brings its specialty to the table. But even as trends come and go, the heart of music remains the same – embracing self-expression! As long as people dig the concept of art, they'll keep jamming and experimenting with new sounds, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. The latest addition in it is the intersection of AI and creativity. Artists like Ashwin Pramod are using whatever is available to add some serious zest to the mix. He recently released his song “Tera Deewana” and the lyrics have our hearts. What's even cooler about the MV is the fact that the video is purely AI-generated. It's something we don't often see artists do. Chatting with innovative people like him gives us a broader idea of how it all works. In an exclusive conversation with us, Ashwin Pramod shared his journey and integration of AI in his creative process. 

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Here is what he shared:

Can you talk about your musical journey? How did you get into making music?

As a kid, I was hooked on great music and dreamed of being an actor/singer. But life led me to filmmaking instead. Still, I couldn't shake off the music bug. So, I jumped into making tunes with top artists, despite having zero classical training. Turns out, my sense of rhythm wasn't too shabby after all. And that's how my musical journey kicked off. 

You extensively talk about your love for storytelling. How did your love for it begin?

It wasn't just love, it was a fiery passion for storytelling that ignited my journey. It all began in a zone where stories ruled my world, but I knew financing my own productions would be the best option I had. So, I thought, why not be the captain of my own ship? That's when I dove into filmmaking, music production, and everything in between. And the adventure began!

Vahanchalak was a short film that you worked on in the past. Can you talk a bit about your part in it and how it came into being?

Vahanchalak was a blast! It all started with an idea sparked by watching reels about women and driving. I thought, why not flip the script with a funny twist, featuring an incompatible couple? Plus, I couldn't find the right actor for the role, and budget constraints kicked in. So, guess who ended up as an actor, director, and producer? Yours truly! To know more about the character, you'll just have to watch the movie, haha!

On the musical front, Humdum Tera was your first song. Was the plan always to venture into music and how did the song come to life?

I've always had a stash of tunes on my phone. One day, while crafting the BGM score for one of my movies, I shared the "Humdum Tera" tune with my music producer, Swapnil Chawan. He was all in, loving its soothing vibe. And boom, that's where the magic began. Since then, all my tunes have been coming to life. Learned heaps along the way and now, I'm on a mission to top myself with each new piece of music.

Let's talk about your latest song Tera Deewana. How is this song different from your debut song and what does it mean to you?

Tera Deewana was an experiment for me to try my hands on commercial music. The whole idea behind creating that piece of music was to explore a different genre and fulfill my dream of rapping (haha). The most exciting part was the execution, as I wanted to offer something unique to the audience. That's when I came up with India's first Romantic AI music video, and boy, was I thrilled and proud!

What makes it unique is its music video. Why did you go for an AI-generated music video, especially at a time when people are debating about AI's place in a creative field like entertainment?

I dove into AI because it's fresh, and audiences crave new entertainment. In our tech-savvy world, it's crucial to understand its potential. The AI debate in entertainment is lively: Some say it's vital for progress, while others argue it can't replace human emotion in storytelling. I believe it should be a blend of both worlds to make our stories effective. After all, you're connecting with people, not robots with your stories and music.

Lastly, why should people listen to this song and any parting words that you would like to share?

I'm not sure why people should tune in to my art, but I promise they'll get something fresh and exciting from my production, Amumaa Films and Amumaa Music. It's about time artists and storytellers start experimenting with new subjects and music. Too many creators are playing it safe these days. Let's see some bold moves and fresh content for the audience!

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