#KetchupTalks: Chef Harsh Kedia had rather interesting things to share about making deserts while breaking stigmas around diabetes

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Chef Harsh Kedia

"Conscious Mittaiwala" aka Chef Harsh Kedia floored everyone with his presence on MasterChef India spreading his diabetic and guilt-friendly dessert recipes. In this interview, he talks to us about this journey!

As someone who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13, Harsh Kedia has made a constant effort to talk and spread awareness about it. His keen interest in cooking led to him wanting to use culinary expertise to specialize in diabetic-friendly cuisine. Today, he is also fondly known as "Conscious Mithaiwalla" sharing his recipes with the world. With a passion for combining traditional flavors with modern dietary preferences and a meticulous selection of natural sugar alternatives, Chef Kedia crafts a delectable range of sweets that are not only guilt-free but also bursting with authentic flavors. 

The chef who turned his brand 'Shree Gangour Sweets' into a 30-year-old legacy sweets brand that has a global presence was also seen on the latest season of Masterchef India. Harsh did not just compete against various incredible chefs but also made sure to leave his mark with his well-crafted recipes. His recipes ended up being talked about on the show, giving his initiative to spread awareness about Diabetes a boost. We had the opportunity to have a chat with Harsh to learn more about this new development in his culinary journey.

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Here's what Harsh had to share!

How did your entry in MasterChef happen? Was it something you were planning on doing?

The opportunity to participate in MasterChef was a serendipitous moment. It wasn't something I had planned; rather, I took a chance and auditioned. The experience was transformative, exposing me to diverse culinary techniques and providing a platform to showcase my passion for reinventing traditional sweets.

One of your recipes received high praise from the judges. What was the whole idea behind it and what did you want the judges to take away from your dish?

One of my standout moments in MasterChef was when my recipe received high praise from the judges. The dish was a contemporary twist on a classic mithai, combining innovative flavors and textures. I wanted the judges to appreciate not only the taste but also the thoughtful approach to making traditional treats suitable for a broader audience. It was a blend of my culinary expertise, a touch of tradition, and a dash of masala that caught their attention.

How can people choose sweets without actually choosing sweets? What are the alternatives available for people to try?

Choosing sweets without indulging in sugar-laden treats is indeed a challenge. At Conscious Mithaiwalla, we offer a range of alternatives. From sugar-free mithais to desserts sweetened with natural substitutes, people can enjoy sweetness without compromising on health. It's about making mindful choices and savoring the joy of treats in a guilt-free manner.

One recipe that you are proud of and the reason behind you always coming back to it!

Sugar-free Gulab Jamun! It perfectly captures the essence of the traditional sweet while adhering to our commitment to health. The balance of textures and the burst of flavors make it a constant favorite, showcasing the possibilities of reimagining classics.

Can you talk about being a diabetic at a young age? How has the journey been like and what message do you have for kids and others?

Being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age was a challenging journey. It required significant lifestyle changes but it also became the driving force behind my culinary innovation. My message to kids and others facing similar challenges is to embrace their uniqueness. Diabetes doesn't limit our potential; it can fuel creativity and resilience. Through Conscious Mithaiwalla, I aim to inspire others to enjoy life's sweetness while prioritizing their health.

Harsh Kedia's culinary journey is nothing short of a mission to make sweets a healthier delight for everyone.

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