From latest music releases to coolest transition trends, this week's trends roundup had it all

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From latest music releases to coolest transition trends, this week's trends roundup had it all

This week, people vibed on some newly released songs and also showed creativity with their content. Let's take a look at the reel trends that we came across.

This week, Reel trends were all about people vibing on new releases which brings us to the banger that was released by Tony Kakkar called "Balenciaga". Though the song has got some mixed reviews, some people cannot stop themselves from creating new dance moves on the song. Talking about new releases, who could have missed when Madonna and Abel (The Weeknd) came together for a song? The song ‘Popular’ from the HBO Original Series, The Idol, has found its place on the trends list. Another recent release that has made its place in trends this week is Doja Cat's song "Attention" that has got us talking about it.

Everybody is waiting to watch the duo Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt come together in the upcoming film, "Rocky ki Rani ki Prem Kahani". The songs have already made us all hyped and excited for it. The song "What Jhumka?" recently got released and people can't stop themselves from dancing to its beats. Apart from these trends, we also saw people creating some retro-themed content on the song "Voh Tere Mere Ishq Ka" and we cannot explain how peaceful some these Reels were. What is Instagram without transition videos? Internet did not disappoint with cool transition as they continue to try their hand at "Jannatein Kahan" trend. When there is so much to try, you too should pick up an idea and create.

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Here are some trends to try!


What Jhumka?




Wo Tere mere Ishq Ke

Tum Kya Mile

Jannatein Kahan

Let us know if there is something we missed!

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