Talking about his lost love, lover and new single, Aaryan Banthia gives us an insight into his musical journey.

Aaryan Banthia, the singer-guitarist cum composer, released his seventh new single ‘Tere Bin’. The song is about lost love due to an unexpected death, breakup, divorce, or just because the lovers fell out of the love they once cherished.

With an unparallel track record of six super hits already under his belt, Aaryan wanted to take it a notch higher with ‘Tere Bin’, and hence he collaborated with several musicians from around the world, including Chris Barber, who’s a drummer from England, UK, Chris Bonner, who’s a bassist from New York, USA, and James Holt, who plays the keyboard, from Manchester, England.

The music video stars Sauraseni Mitra, a renowned Bengali actress, and the rising Bengali star, Aryan Roy as a couple who are seen romancing each other. Things seem to get complicated eventually, with them falling apart, and by the end of the video, something unexpected happens. Aaryan Banthia also appears in the video where he’s singing the song while the story keeps on moving ahead. With such heartbreaking visuals along with Aaryan’s scintillating voice, the song will surely touch the right chords with his fans.

Aaryan started his journey of super hit tracks with his debut Hindi track ‘Yaadein’ which was a rock ballad with a subtle touch of blues, released by Zee music. With the immense love and appreciation he received for his song, there has been no looking back for the young music sensation. Post his first release, he has produced six more singles, both in Hindi and English, all of which have crossed the one million mark on YouTube.

Aaryan Banthia opened up about his new single and his love for music:

How did your musical journey begin?

I grew up in a musical environment and became familiar with iconic bands/artists at a very young age. Some of these include ‘Dire Straits’, ‘Eric Clapton’, ‘Jimmy Hendrix’, ‘Bon Jovi’, ‘Kenny Rogers’, ‘Bruce Springsteen’, ‘Pink Floyd’ and ‘Cliff Richards’. This made it easy for me to enter the music field and I began my professional journey a few years after finishing college. Although music was my passion, I was not actively pursuing it. I had gone to the UK to study sports management and in my free time, I started exploring and performing music in pubs. I started getting recognition there and people started coming to watch me sing. It felt great and this boosted my confidence. Once I was back in Kolkata, I started a band with my friends called the ‘The Bombay Gramophone Company’. Later, we disbanded the band because I wanted to explore more as an artist-composer and I realized I had bigger dreams like working with accomplished musicians and explore a lot more of my potential.

Since when have you been creating music?

Professionally my first ever creation was ‘Yaadein’ which had released with Zee Music Company. I used to make melodies before that but yeah ‘Yaadein’ was my first professional release and creation.

Do share details of your past work.

So far, I have written, composed, and sung 6 songs. My first song was “Yaadein”. It was released by Zee Music Company and gathered over a million views within the first month. Post my second song ‘Back in the day’, I released all my songs on my own YouTube channels. My other 4 songs are “Hey Betty”, “Back in the day”, “Paar”, “Best days of my life”.

What is your song ‘Tere Bin’ about? What was your inspiration behind the song?

I have always been fond of writing love ballads and even more so in the ‘Rock’ genre. The idea and melody for Tere Bin came to me while I was on a drive on a very quiet night in Kolkata. I do these drives often and get a lot of ideas during that time.

How would you describe your music genre?

I usually do not stick to any one genre in my compositions. I have experimented with a lot of genres already including country music, rock ballad, and others. Even going forward, I always want to keep finding my sound. Tere Bin is a soft, romantic number and my last single “Best Day of My Life” was a happy country song.

Which Indian and International artists inspire your music?

Well, there are too many, and it’s very difficult to answer this question in one paragraph. However, I have heard and looked up to various artists for different reasons namely ‘Dire Straits, ‘John Mayer’, BB King, Bon Jovi, Cliff Richard, Bruce Springsteen, and Kenny Rogers all for different reasons. In India and Pakistan, I’ve been fond of Sonu Nigam, KK, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan, and Farida Khanum. Again, all for various reasons.

What does your playlist look like? Can you share your top five songs?

I don’t really have a top 5 but at the moment I’m listening to a lot of ‘Porcupine tree’. They’re great! 

Who is that artist that you listen to when you’re happy, sad, or excited?

There are so many artists that I listen to that it’s difficult to name one. I’m listening to John Mayer’s new album ‘Sob Rock’ a lot. I absolutely love how it has been produced.

If there is one emotion that you can always make songs on, what would that be and why?

Making music is a very natural process for me – it’s mainly about flow. I go where the flow takes me and maybe that’s why I have made songs in so many genres already. I could blame the many musical influences for this.

Listen to his song here:

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