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Assamese music producer Zupiter reminds everyone that 'the battles you've been through, fade away!' with his new single 'It Changes.' Keep reading to know what he has to share.

The only thing anybody needs in their life is for someone to let them know that 'you'll get through this, there's so much more to this.' It's important for us to hear these daily affirmations to get through hardships in life. And the song 'It Changes' by electronic music producer, Jupiter Mwshahari aka Zupiter is all about giving people hope.

The only language that crosses boundaries and touches souls is music. One can never take music away from our lives. With Work from Home as the norm today, we need something playing in the background to cancel out the noise of mom fighting with the house help and dad scrolling through yet another news channel. Music just fuels us up to keep going no matter what or how we feel. And in the last couple of years, India has seen a surge of Independent artists share their music with the world. These incredible releases have revamped the Indian music industry, introducing music lovers to new artists. Galangdw artist Zupiter is one of them.

Zupiter released his debut EP “Cherry Blossom” as well as the single “Manw Bidi”, both of which gained immense love from his listeners. The electronic music producer from Assam also caught the eyes of Indian artist Ritwiz with his rendition of Thandi Hawa. Since then, the artist has created his own music while collaborating with various musicians. Following the success of his previous songs, he released another single called 'It Changes' after his lockdown experience. Last year most of us were going through a tough phase, and so was Zupiter. He decided to find some light in the darkness and wrote a song about hope and tranquillity to help people find motivation even in the darkest of days. He got his friends and listeners to participate in his music video while fellow music artist Ritwiz also joined in.

We had a chat with Zupiter himself about his new single 'It Changes' and so much more!

Here's what the music producer had to share:

How did your musical journey begin?

I have wanted to be a musician since I was in middle school. Some of my friends and I used to sing along to the songs of our favourite pop and rock bands. But we didn’t know how to make an original of our own. I started listening to electronic music in high school. I got so obsessed with it that I made up my mind to be an electronic music producer too. I started spamming some of the local producers asking how they make their music. Some of them replied saying they make music in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I started learning how to use a DAW. Slowly and gradually, I got better at it. Even though my parents bought me a computer, they didn’t allow me to keep it in my hostel back then. So I used to borrow my best friend’s laptop and try to make music on it. As time passed, I got better at making music, and my parents started believing in me. 

You're an electronic music producer. How would you describe it for music lovers who are new to the genre?

The best part about listening to electronic music is that you get to hear new and unique sounds, as an artist can design their own sounds. It has transformed the production and quality of music played today. Electronic music allows flexibility and creativity in the music production and plays including voice modification and background beats. The rise and fall of rhythm in electronic music can replicate the feeling of building anticipation and producing dopamine. Most electronic tracks follow the same pattern of building up a beat, which imitates suspense and thrill in the brain. When the beat drops, the brain releases the happy chemical.

'It Changes' is a song letting people know that they should not give up and that there is always hope. As a creator of the song, how would you describe the song as?

As the title of the song already indicates that the point where we are in our lives right now, it's not permanent, it changes. Shreya and I wrote this song when I was going through some tough times. It brings smiles and hopes to people. If you're going through a tough time, you just need to be a little patient. Your time will come. Going through a hard time and waiting it out, I guess that's what life is. I believe everything has a happy ending. If it's not happy then it's not the end yet. 


Ritviz is one of the few independent artists in India who is changing the course of the Indian music industry. What future do you think holds for musicians like you in India?

The indie music scene is growing bigger and better day by day in India and it's been happening in the last two to three years. I'm happy to see indie artists supporting each other in their growth. Newspapers, magazines, digital streaming platforms, everyone is helping boost its growth. Live shows are booking more indie artists than before. I believe live shows are the primary source of income for musicians. As long as indie artists support each other and as long as live shows keep booking more indie artists, it's all going to be good.

Do you think music has helped you express your feelings better?

Yes, absolutely. For me, my music is how my feelings sound. My music reflects something profound about who I am and my experience of the world. It's an incredibly effective way to express myself and cope with challenging life circumstances because sometimes, life is really hard. I'm very happy to see people vibing to my music. I guess that's because they can relate to my music, my feelings. 

If you could collaborate with any artist, Indian and internationally, who would that be?

There are many but to name a few, it would be - Ritviz, Nucleya, Lost Stories, Prateek Kuhad, Taba Chake, Hanita Bhambri, in Indian artists and Internationally, I'd love to work with San Holo, Porter Robinson, Duskus, Memba and many more.

Do you have a favorite genre of music that you would love to experiment with?

I really want to experiment with deep house music. I want to see the reactions of people when I play it live at some clubs or festival.

If your life was a song, which song would it be?

It would be "Sleep on the Floor" by The Lumineers. Although it's a love song, the first verse of this song really relates to what I want to do with my life right now. Basically, it says, "Pack all of your things. If we don't leave this town, we might never make it out. We are not born to drown."

Can you tell us something about any future projects that you might be working on?

At present, I'm working with some of my homies. We really wanted to collaborate for a long time and finally, we're doing it. Some I've already collaborated with, but we're doing it again. Apart from these, I also have some great projects coming, hopefully before the end of this year.

Is Zupiter your stage name? If yes, why did you choose that?

Yes, "Zupiter" is my stage name. Although, it's very similar to my real name "Jupiter". I really didn't want to have a stage name because I didn't want people to call me by any other name. But the word "Jupiter” was very common and the word was very famous already. So, I came up with an idea to just change the first alphabet “J” to “Z” as it sounds the same when you pronounce it but the word is unique. Technically, the word “Zupiter” doesn’t have any meaning.

Listen to 'It Changes' here!

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