#KetchupTalks: Anmol Sachar believes one should 'dream big, work hard and watch the magic happen'

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Check out what Anmol Sachar had to share about his life as a content creator and things that excite him to keep working hard.

Short video platforms have become a revolutionary place for creators or any artists in today's time. We've seen the impact these platforms have had on the creators who wish to try their luck in the entertainment industry. While all of us dream of being stars, our digital creators are living this dream as thousands look up to them for the stories they have to share with the world. Content creator, Anmol Sachar is enjoying this life that his profession has to offer.

Making people laugh is a tough job and while some can leave people rolling on the floor with their physical comedy, others can find a funny tale in the most random, everyday things. Anmol happens to be one of them, which also makes him more lovable to the people following his content. In this day and age when everyone has access to a platform that can reach thousands, being able to stand out needs enough dedication and willpower. It's easy to give up when things don't work out, but Anmol who believes in the magic of hard work is doing his best to enjoy and create what he loves. He has taken the challenge to break from the clutter and connect with his audience. Anmol's recent collab with Bollywood actors Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qurashi shows how well one can get rewarded if one continues on the path to achieving their dreams.

We had a chat with Anmol to know more about him and his journey in the digital space. And the interaction was one you don't want to miss out on.

Here's what he has to say!

What has your content creation journey been like so far?

It has been a dream. I feel blessed that my audiences enabled me to follow my passion as my career. I have always believed in this funda of 'dream big, work hard and watch the magic happen' and I believe it applies to everything in life. I have big dreams, I shall continue to work hard & bring unique content to my audiences that will add value to their lives and I hope I continue to receive the love I've been getting from the audiences. And I am super excited for the future.

What makes content creation a challenge, now that there is a sea of creators out there?

Of course the more options a consumer has, the tougher it gets to stand out of the clutter. Breaking out of the clutter is a challenge but I believe that's where you connect with your audience and community comes into play.

Do you think comedy has changed with the popularity of short-video platforms?

I think all genres of content are impacted by the rise in short-form video platforms. Audience attention spans are shorter than ever and they need to be immediately hooked in because they're spoilt for choice.

What are the responsibilities that you feel exist as a creator?

As a creator, I try my level best to make sure my content does not offend anyone or spread any kind of misinformation. I also believe it's the responsibility of a creator to interact with their community. I often see creators not responding to comments or ignoring DMS. But for me, interacting with as many people as I can is a must!

Have negative comments ever impacted your content?

There was a time I would feel bad when I'd receive hate comments or troll comments. Now I feel bad for the people who make them. I feel sympathetic toward these haters. It's such a sad activity to find pleasure in right? Spewing hate on someone. Constructive criticism is different and I am always all ears for that.

Which is your favorite video on Instagram that you go back and watch every time?

It is very tough to choose a 'favorite' from my videos but if I had to choose one video it would be the first episode of my Instagram series called #AnmolBol which is about a motivational speaker in the parallel universe.

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Who are the creators you follow and would love to collaborate with?

I follow a lot of creators and have been fortunate to be able to collaborate with some of my favorites in the past. But there are of course creators like Bhuvan Bam, Beer biceps, and Sakshi Shivdasani who I'd love to create content with.

What is the best and worst part of being on social media?

The worst part is you end up scrolling for hours and you don't realize it. It is almost a kind of addiction. The best part is that social media has enabled dreams and career paths that were unthinkable some years ago.

What does your 3 am YouTube rabbit hole look like?

Food, food, and a whole lot of food. I love watching food videos, especially at night. Be it mukbangs, recipe videos, or food vlogs.

One of the strangest and happiest DM you ever received?

The strangest one has to be where someone had expressed how they love me and my content. And within 2 days, when I opened the chat to respond to him, the same person had sent me abuses and told me how much they hate me for not responding. I opened the DM to see praise and hate from the same person within 3 days.

The happiest one without a doubt is when a young boy messaged me that he was in extreme depression but my videos, even if momentarily so, brought a smile to his face and made him feel better.

There is a lot that Anmol has to share with the world and his IG account is proof!

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