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Planning a trip

Planning a trip takes a good toll on your mental and physical strength, but Glocal Journal is making it easier for us with her easy-to-follow tips.

You may have planned an adventurous trip that you always dreamt of, but it might go in vain if you don't know how to plan and execute it properly. People like me get overwhelmed when it comes to planning but if you are good at it, it will save you from all that last-minute chaos and will make your trip more organized and fun. Most awaited trips can easily become a nightmare when you bring planning to the conversation, and that's why a lot of people are tempted to book an organized trip guide. Because following schedules that someone else prepared for you is better than doing it yourself. However, the downside of these can be having to be part of activities that you don't like or visiting places you're not interested in. Trips don't happen that often and it is necessary for you to have genuine fun when you are on one.

One can always take inspiration from a lot of creators on Instagram to help plan better. Aanvi aka The Glocal Journal who is a travel, lifestyle, and food influencer, is the right person for when you are stuck with your travels. She recently shared tips and tricks that you must try before you plan your next adventure. Listing important things that we need to take care of, this video literally makes it easier to keep a check on the important stuff prior to your trip. From tips on how to find out a good destination to elaborating on the importance of doing research on it. She also suggests some apps and sites one can visit to make the process smoother for you.

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Check this video of hers!

Save this for your next trip!

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