Check out what the Founder of Irada Entertainment, Falguni Patel has to say about running a production house and creating quality content.

Founded by Falguni Patel, Irada Entertainment is an India-based production house that is committed to the art of creating meaningful cinema and path-breaking content. The Production house aims at creating captivating and engaging content across all genres, be it a spine-chilling thriller, high-octave drama, dark-humour or a heart-rending love story. Irada has already released some interesting movies and web-series like Hirkashi, Verdict, Illegal, Avrodh and Ventilator. The production house that was created in 2017 has also won 2 national awards so far.

We had the chance to interact with the Irada Entertainment’s Founder, Falguni Patel who talked about creating quality content, shows based on the audience’s POV, and a lot more.

Falguni Patel

Here’s how our conversation with Falguni Patel went…

1. What is the base ideology or philosophy that Irada Entertainment follows in terms of content?

“Creating meaningful cinema that is driven by content, which moves audiences worldwide has been the philosophy at the heart of Irada Entertainment right from its inception. We never really restricted ourselves to geographies, languages, or even content formats. If we believe in a story, we go ahead with it!”

2. How important is it to create quality content focusing on regional languages and stories?

“In the fabric of India’s diversity, entertainment in regional languages has been a thread that weaves ideas in the minds of masses. Some stories just need to be out there as they are an important part of our identity as a society. But more often than not, it is not commercially viable to produce these stories in Hindi. Regional cinema or web content helps them get their due credit.”

3. According to you, how has the approach towards content changed over the years? From the makers as well as the audience’s POV?

“Content has evolved exponentially! And the change has been rapid in the last decade. The change from multiplexes to pay-per-views, from TV to OTT, all of this happened at a lightning speed. All our entertainment has moved to the cloud and is consumed on a personalized medium like a mobile or a tab. Content is sensitive to perspective more than ever. As makers, we are now committed to creating sensible content, authentic to every detail, that clicks with our audience. “

4. Does creating award-winning content put pressure to do better or serve as a positive motivation?

“Awards are a recognition of our work. They push us to do better and give us a sense of satisfaction that our work appeals to the critics. But the audiences are the ultimate critic. When a viewer watches our feature presentation or recommends our work, it is the biggest award for us. That is the positive affirmation that we as makers thrive on!”

5. Do you think the definition of commercial cinema is changing from loud music, drama, and a formula three structure act to something more evolved?

“Yes, as the mediums of content consumption are evolving and our audience has also evolved with time. We can no longer appeal fans with unreal action sequences or forced emotional drama. Audiences are sensitive to the messaging and value the content brings. Even our fiction content needs to be compelling, finely crafted, and thought-provoking. We at Irada believe research is the key to creating persuasive content. We are always thorough about the context of our content and we weave a connection in the storyline that makes our product entertaining.”

6. Which of your movies and web series have seen the most success in terms of both, positive reactions and commercial gains?

“All of our projects have been unique in their own way. Different genres have their own audiences hence it would be difficult to compare them. But commercially, Hirkani has done well. As regards our web shows, while each one was unique and close to our heart, Avrodh has done very well.”

 7. How does Irada Entertainment scout for talent?

“Talent acquisition is a scientific process for us. All our efforts materialize only when the right talent is in the right place. From the face of our production to behind the curtain team, every team member is handpicked after seeing their work on several projects. Most talents come through references in the entertainment biz and that’s how we collaborate with them.”

8. Do you think OTT platforms are helping unconventional or atypical stories garner a wider audience? Or is a box-office release the only way to make big bucks?

“Yes, OTTs are redefining entertainment for everyone! The stories that usually don’t get traction on the silver screen have also made their way to the top due to OTTs. Box office still caters to the masses effectively. But OTT’s are the future and Irada wants to be a part of this transformational journey as a key player.”

9. Any upcoming projects that you can shed light on?

“We are working on a couple of projects but all are at the preliminary stage right now. Although we can’t reveal many details, we would like to tell our audiences that Irada will always be committed to creating hard-hitting content that moves you.”

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