Farhana Bodi talks about supporting other women, fashion and global representation

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Farhana Bodi

Check out what global influencer, Farhana Bodi shared regarding her life as an influencer, her blog 'I Woman of the World' and representing cultures in fashion.

Fashion is a global phenomenon with the power to reach and influence people around the globe. Fashion Influencers contribute to this phenomenon, bringing an impact in their own way. We spoke to Farhana Bodi, who is one such influential individual. Farhani is a Dubai-based influencer who was born in India, raised in South Africa, and is trying to make a difference in the world one step at a time. She is known for her luxurious, classy and sleek style teamed with her #bossbabe persona. Her couture creations, luxury brand associations and the love for pastels with a touch of her own culture make her stand out in every way.

Apart from bringing sartorial dreams to life, Farahan is also the Founder of the lifestyle blog called, I Woman of the World. The blog encourages women to support each other by creating a platform on social media for women to start up their own ventures & brands. She is doing her best in being the change and inspiration that she wants to see in the world.

Over the years, Farhana has walked the Cannes red carpet, attended the London Fashion Week and partnered with various beauty brands. The fashion influencer shared about her life's journey so far and other things.


Check out what Farhana Bodi had to share:

How did your journey in fashion begin and how has it been so far?

"My journey started when I was 19 years old. I started my career as a makeup artist and model and then gradually started to venture into the fashion industry. I can’t believe I’ve come so far and I’ve been able to achieve so much it’s very overwhelming and at the same time, I'm very proud of myself. I love my work and I strive to work harder towards my goals every day."

What is that one rule or philosophy that you live by?

"Never give up on what you really want. The future belongs to those who take risks and dare. When you believe in yourself and your dream, nothing will be impossible."

How do you think culture influences fashion, especially since you're born in India, raised in South Africa, and now based in Dubai?

"For someone like me, I have always loved fashion and adapted well with different cultures being an Indian, I am so proud of my culture and colour that no matter what season it may be I will always dress colourful outfits. In Dubai, we love bling and glam and it’s so international out here that I feel like I fit in so well."

You belong from an industry of glitz and glamour. What is that one thing from the industry that people have less knowledge about?

"It depends on every individual as I can answer for myself. Someone like me who is also into the business world has a lack of knowledge about the stock markets and I think I am a bit lazy to read more about that, which is fine, and you learn with the flow. So yes, it depends from individual to individual."

Can you tell us about your initiative ‘I Woman of the World’ and how it happened?

"I always wanted to inspire and empower women from all walks of life. I started this initiative to create a platform on social media for women to start up their own ventures & brands and for all women to inspire each other through their work and struggles. I also have a VIP guest list service which I utilize to host VIP events for luxury brands."

One takeaway from the pandemic and how has it affected or influenced you as a person?

"I'm a travelholic and needed every reason to travel. What I have learnt in this virtual world now is that you can be at home and have your meetings, attend fashion events and have meetings with anyone from anywhere in the world. It saves you time and it’s made me focus and give more time to my family which was lacking before the pandemic."

Here's how she responded to our Quick-Five questions:

Creator/Brands you want to collaborate with

"Zimmerman, Tom ford, Cartier"

Favorite trend or challenge

"Pop of colour bag and Pangaia tracksuit"

Go-to outfit

"Ripped jeans and a faux leather blazer with a white tank top and heels"

Skincare routine you can’t live without

"I have to use the Micellar water to wipe my make up of everydayGel based facial wash, moisturiser, BB cream, over night oil / serum"

One motto you live by

"Be positive stay happy don’t harm anyone and pray to god."

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