Take a look at these tips that fitness influencer, Mukul Nagpaul had to share on staying fit and motivated during these tough times.

Fitness is something most of us tend to ignore. Seriously, how many hours do you spend staying glued to the couch, munching on chips? With gymnasiums closed right now, all we can do is look out for options online to look after our physical health, aka follow fitness influencers. These influencers are helping their audiences with simple and easy ways of keeping fit. The internet has made it easy for fitness influencers with a platform to reach out to more people. It also makes them more accessible to their followers online. Fitness influencer and fat loss expert, Mukul Nagpaul is trying to do the same with his simple everyday tips.

The lover of sports and physical activities, Mukul Nagpaul decided to take up fitness as a full-time profession at a very young age. Despite scoring well in his academics, he stuck to his passion for fitness over an MBA. This love for fitness led to him becoming the Founder of PMF Training, a platform that aims at helping people achieve their fitness goals through Personalised Coaching. His life goal is to empower at least 1 crore people and help them achieve their health and fitness goals which include helping them lose fat, be more confident about their bodies, live a healthier lifestyle while spreading love and happiness all around. India’s First Certified Online Trainer in 2017 and a certified personal trainer from American Council on Exercise, Mukul has trained celebrities like Murali Kartik, Malini Ramani, Gauri Karan among others. He also has various international certifications over the span of 13 years. He has continued to take part in various marathons and conventions for different causes. It’s like Mukul gives back to society in his own way.

We got into a candid chat with this fitness influencer to know about his journey so far. Check it out!

Here’s what Mukul had to share:

How did your fitness journey begin?

My fitness journey began during school where I played badminton at an All India level. I was the kid who used to love running around, playing all types of sports for entertainment. It was during my last year in school when it was time to choose a career field for further studies and that’s when I decided to become a fitness professional.

Can you tell us more about PMF Training?

PMF Training is a platform through which we empower people to lose fat, move better, live a healthier lifestyle and gain confidence. We are a team of coaches and we specialise in what we call Hybrid Coaching which is a combination of online personal training and offline personal training. We have helped hundreds of our trainees to achieve their fitness goals, feel more confident in their bodies, make the change from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle, defeat Cancer etc

What does your regular day look like?

“My day starts at 6 am and I drink my morning mojo, get ready for work and from 7 am till 2 pm I train my clients In-person and online. Post lunch, I watch an episode of a TV show and then from 4 to 6 pm I work on my business, reading updated information on fitness and creating content for my social media. Then I mediate for 30 mins and post-meditation I workout for an hour. I follow this up with dinner and post that, my wife and I feed around 30-40 stray dogs in our area and then by 11 pm I go to sleep.

You have won various achievements in your fitness journey, how do you keep yourself motivated?

I have a life goal to empower at least 1 crore people to lose fat and gain confidence and in order to achieve my goal, my commitment to constant and never-ending improvement has always been a big factor for keeping myself motivated.

One instance that made it all worthwhile?

Winning the award for No. 2 Personal Trainer in Asia at Asia Fitness Convention 2017

What according to you are the top three ways in which people can stay motivated and fit?

Top three ways to stay fit and motivated is :

  • Exercise with a goal to making your body move gradually every day even if it’s a walk for 30 mins and improve 1% every day
  • Eat with a goal to provide your body with the best fuel available and improve 1% everyday
  • Mediate every day and improve 1% every day

What diet would you suggest for people to follow to stay healthy during these times?

I believe in the term ‘nutrition’ cause diets mainly signify eating a particular kind of food with restrictions on some food groups. I believe in following an 80/20 rule where 80% of your calorie intake should be from nutrition-dense foods and the rest 20% can come from any of your favorite foods while making sure that we are within our calorie goal.

As a fitness coach, what would your ideal cheat day menu look like?

“I personally don’t like the term cheat day because why promote cheating in life, especially with your food. As I said earlier, I eat 20% of my calories every day from my favorite foods like gulab jamun, ice cream, chocolates to name a few.”

You can follow Mukul on Instagram @mukulnagpaulfitness as well as his fitness platform PMF Training for your daily dose of fitness.

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