#KetchupTalks: Himadri Patel, the beauty blogger talks about imperfect skin and owning that with pride

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From playing with her mom's lipstick to becoming a well-known beauty and fashion influencer, here's what Himadri Patel had to share about her journey so far.

Being an influencer in this day and age has its perks with its own set of responsibilities. While it's easy for people to try and make a name for themselves by creating content on things that they have an interest in, being able to continue producing them is a task that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Creators who recognize this try to evolve and do better than what they are already doing. This is also one of the reasons that keep their audience loyal to them. Beauty and fashion creator Himadri Patel has tried adding value to what she creates with her content maturing over time.

Himadri is a Dehradun, Uttarakhand-based Instagram creator known for her makeup looks and fashion. She has been able to bag a massive fan following on her social media platforms making the audience interested in what she has to share. Part of the creator community that started on YouTube creating long-format videos, she began by sharing beauty and makeup. But today she shares more than just fashion and beauty tips. It's common for people to assume bloggers are perfect with the content they watch daily. But Himadri took it upon herself to share the ugly side of it helping normalize skin with acne and blemishes. While she continues to create magic with her incredible makeup looks, she also shares the truth about her skin and that there is nothing wrong with imperfections.

Apart from lifestyle, she also shares her funny take on life situations, jumps on trends, and has her own fashion label DRI by Himadri (@dribyhimadri). We had the chance to interact with the influencer herself and know more about her journey in this world of content creation and more.

Here's what she had to share:

How did your content journey begin?

I was always fond of makeup. Ever since I was a child, I used to play with my mum’s lipsticks and eyeshadows and destroy them. By the time I was in 11th standard, I was obsessed with YouTube. I started binge-watching makeup tutorials of our OG International beauty gurus, Tati Westbrook, Jaclynn hill, Jeffrey Star, Kaushal Beauty, and others. I knew somewhere in my heart that beauty is something I see myself inclined towards. 

While I was pursuing my B. Tech, I had the urge to have a channel of my own with literally no makeup products, no skills, no confidence to be in front of the camera, and no fancy equipment. I somehow convinced my parents and started my YouTube channel with JUST one lipstick and one eyeliner. Being from a small town, Dehradun, it's not easy to be a content creator. I was bullied for posting content on social media but nothing stopped me. And the rest is history!

You started off as a beauty page but now share story-based content as well. What made you explore this new form of content?

I love to talk. I started off with beauty content because I was afraid to open up on a platform where people do tend to bully online. 

Beauty has always been my safe space but after a while, I realized I wanted people to see the real HIMADRI, just like the way I am with my friends and family. I wanted to connect with my audience on a level no one did, and started sharing the life lessons I have learned to date. Being raw and sharing real-life experiences on social media is definitely not easy, I do get a lot of negativity from people all around the world for posting my feelings on social media. But I tend to stick with people who resonate with me and my thoughts.

Do you think the popularity of short-video platforms has encouraged creators to experiment with their content?

Yes, I definitely believe short video platforms have encouraged creators to experiment more with their content and bring out something new and fresh. Being someone who loves consuming content from creators, inspires me on so many different levels. You get to gain knowledge, entertainment and so much more just within a few seconds. I have seen my personal content evolve so much within a short period of time.

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As a beauty influencer, you also talk about your acne and other skin-related issues you face. What has the journey of your relationship with your skin been like?

I never had acne or discoloration when I was a teenager but I did experience adult acne which not a lot of people talk about. I was very embarrassed by the redness I had on my face and by the scars that were left behind. People used to meet me and immediately comment on how bad my skin looked.

It surely affected my confidence, but slowly I started owning my acne and scars. Adult acne is just as normal as having teenage acne, I started sharing my journey on YouTube while showcasing it’s time to normalize it.

How has your audience reacted to that?

My audience loved my journey and how I portrayed it. They loved the way acne and scars didn’t affect me, and how it didn’t stop me from wearing makeup or dressing up. My journey motivated a lot of girls out there to get the right treatment and to own their marks.

You revealed your clothing brand DRI by Himdari with a unique video concept. How did that play out?

I am a big-time Bollywood fan and desi by heart. I always knew I wanted to do something different while I was revealing something so special to my audience. DRI teasers should be one of my best works to date, and the love I have received from my audience was truly unbelievable.

My motive was to capture my audience's attention and keep them entertained and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to be.

What’s your vision and inspiration behind your brand, DRI by HIMADRI?

My inspiration behind DRI is my Nani. She loved sewing clothes for herself and everyone else in the family. The way she used to drape or carry herself in Indian wear always left me awestruck. I somehow inherited the love she had for clothes and DRI is all about taking her legacy forward. 

My vision is to create Indian clothes that make women feel empowered so they can embrace themselves the way they are. DRI is all about creating one's legacy where people can pass on the pieces that are made with much love and care to future generations. 

Things about being a creator that your followers don't know about.

The endless hours of hard work, the bullying, the negativity you get on social media, and the pressure of always being on top of your game and creating something new for your audience.

Creators you look up to and who inspire your content journey.

All the OG beauty gurus: Tati, Kaushal Beauty, Jeffrey Star, Shreya Jain.

Vloggers from India: Sambhavna Seth inspires me to be the best version of myself.

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