These beauty recommendations by Malvika Sitlani are everything we need from our virtual bestie.

Having a person to go to for advice on certain things is what we all need sometimes. And these are either BFFs or our digital celebrities. Be it looking for casual everyday entertainment, LIVE game streams, outfit inspos, or how to take care of our skin, these digital celebrities have become a part of our lives, and we cannot thank them enough for it! Model, fashion, and beauty influencer Malvika Sitlani has been able to guide us with her content, and these beauty recommendations by Malvika Sitlani are proof of how much we value her thoughts.

Like a virtual BFF, Malvika has been saving our day with her quick tips and recommendations on Instagram. She has grown to become a brand of her own in the beauty and fashion industry. Walking on the red carpet to creating content, we have seen her embrace her success by being herself unapologetically. And by being ‘herself, and letting the world adjust‘ Malavika continues to strive. Her milestones include creating her own beauty brand and also walking the red carpet of Cannes this year on behalf of L’Oreal Paris. While we will always be proud of her achievements, we love it when she helps us be better at our beauty routine, decide on brands to choose from, and points out mistakes we make when it comes to makeup. So, we made a list of some of her recommendations that you cannot simply ignore!

Check them out!

Happy birthday gorgeous!

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