"You have to work for what you want!" - Ishani Mitra on her journey to becoming a Beauty Influencer

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Ishani Mitra

Beauty Influencer, Ishani Mitra talks about her life as a Content Creator and how it all began!

The beauty and fashion industries have grown exponentially over the last decade. With them, the digital space has evolved as well. An increase in these platforms has helped bring into the spotlight several talented make-up artists and beauty bloggers who have been impressing and inspiring thousands of people. Indian blogger, Ishani Mitra is one beauty Influencer who is a pro at trying new looks and amazing trends, giving her followers fresh tutorials and tips.

Ishani Mitra isn't just serving incredible looks on Instagram but has also launched her own YouTube channel recently. Along with fashion and beauty, Ishani is also into fitness and helps her followers adopt a healthy lifestyle. We interviewed the talented Influencer herself and she shared about her journey and everything that goes into creating Content.

Here's our candid chat with Ishani Mitraa:

1. What made you start creating Content and when did you begin?

"I always liked art since I was a child. I used to sketch all the time. As I kept growing up, I realised I love makeup to a great extent and people around me would ask me to create makeup tutorials. I was quite skeptical about it at the beginning, didn’t have much confidence thinking I’m not great, why would people want to see me? But one fine day, last year, May 2019, I randomly made a video and put it up. Got a great response. Now I’ve come to a stage where I keep wanting to create better content every day regardless of the response."

2. What, according to you, makes your Content stand out?

"I’ve actually asked my followers this and the most common response I’ve gotten is that I apparently have an international face, my looks can be compared with international makeup artists and my no foundation makeup looks."

3. One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile?

"Most of my IGTV videos have crossed 200k mark and some have even crossed 500-600k. To think, half a million people have seen my video. What can be better than that? That makes everything worthwhile."

4. What does a regular day look like?

"Wake up at 8 30, have breakfast while reading the newspaper. If it’s a shooting day then I have my looks planned and I start shooting. If not that, I edit the videos I’ve shot. The evening is all about working out, dinner and sleeping."

5. How do you create your videos?

"My thought behind making videos is always on trying to help my audience as much as I can. My videos are informative but I also want to entertain at the same time so I do make fun transition videos as well. I think there should always be a balance to keep your audience hooked."

7. Describe yourself as an influencer?

"Haha, I would say I’m a fun engaging informative influencer. Always out to help my followers."

8. What makes you different as an Influencer?

"I think my way of using makeup products is slightly different and I can make people understand that. I’m good at explaining how to use one makeup product in multiple ways."

9. If not an Influencer, what would you be?

"Interior designer. Considering I’ve done my Bachelor's in interiors."

10. Any message or tips for upcoming Creators?

"Go for it. Don’t think. Don’t doubt yourself. Trust your gut and just go for it. What do you have to lose?"

Check out how Ishani replied to our Quick 5:

What are your hobbies?

"Dancing, working out, and of course makeup all day every day!"

Your role model?

"Let me be cliched and say, my mom. I have my reasons though."

Your favourite dance style?

"Freestyle dance."

Your success mantra?

"You have to work for what you want."

Your favourite Creators?

Brandon (@itsbybrandon), Jharna Bhagwani (@jharnabhagwani), Danielle Marcan (@daniellemarcan)

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