#KetchupTalks: Prasad shares his experience of being a part of the Moj mini-series, Chacha Chaudhary

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Mar 11, 2022 10:25 IST
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Moj creator Prasad talks about playing Binny Chachi in the new mini-series reviving the iconic Indian comic, Chacha Chaudhary.

We all grew up looking watching and reading tales which was a major part of shaping the kind of adults we are. They were our primary source of entertainment and have also influenced the kind of content that we like watching now. Every time we come across these shows or series, we are taken back with nostalgia. Indian comics like Tinkle, Champak, Panchatantra, and Tenali Raman were household Indian comic names a decade ago. And among them is one comic that was also a popular TV show was Chacha Chaudhary. The show not only had the kids but an entire family hooked to it. And Moj decided to reignite the nostalgia by bringing back Chacha Chaudhary in their mini-series. Becoming part of the show along is Moj Creator Prasad.

Moj, along with Pran Studios revived the acclaimed Chacha Chaudhary in the form of an exciting mini-series for the platform with the official hashtag #ChachaChaudhary. This time, the chucklesome series introduced the iconic Rajpal Yadav as Chacha Chaudhary, The Great Khali as Sabu, and one of Moj’s popular creators, Prasad as Binny Chachi. Till now the hashtag has witnessed over 600 million+ views and counting.

An epitome of courage and wit, Chacha Choudhary has given an entire generation great lessons and this mini-series on Moj that features Prasad is sure to revive old memories of India’s favorite comic characters. Prasad is known for his unique content where it manages to share stories while portraying incredible characters. His followers admire the efforts he takes to keep them entertained. Special mention to his character 'Dadi.' He become part of the revived version of Chacha Chaudhury playing Binny Chachi and has won everyone's heart again. The 10 episode mini-series has received a phenomenal response from the community with cumulative views of over 40 million. The most popular video of the series was ‘Chachaji Loves His Pohe’ which crossed 6 million views within 72 hours of its launch.


Here's what he had to share:

How did this whole content creation journey begin, were you always into acting? 

Main acting bachpan se hi karta aa raha hoon jab main 5 saal ka tha tab se hi acting karta tha, main natak karta tha school main chote bachon ke saath. Acting ka pehle se hi shauk tha aur dheere growth hui smartphone aaye jo pehle log baith kar dekhte the wohi sab mobile par dekhne lage, social media aa gaya 2012-13 se toh ek platform mila. 

Do you think short video platforms gave you a platform to get into acting? 

Haan bahut bada platform aur aise platforms creators ki growth ke liye bahut imp hai kyun ki jo basic cheez hoti hai platform woh aapko mil jaaye toh ek growth mil jata hai aur moj jaise platform ek mauka dete hain aur app ke through jo mujhe mauka mila usse mujhe laga ki now i’m doing something great! 

Do you have a favorite among all the characters that you portray on your Moj profile?

Waise mere 45 characters aur mera ek character hai jo hai ‘dadiji’ modern dadi hai, she is my fav log expect karte hai dadi kahani sunayegi lekin yeh dadi ek dum alag hai woh logon ke saath masti karti hai. 

Jab aapko pata chala ki aap ‘chacha chaudhary’ ke mini series main part lene vale ho toh what was your reaction? How did the news break? 

There was a meeting scheduled but it was unplanned and I don’t know what it was about. Moj ki team ne bola ki ek aisa shoot hai. Aur pehle main kya boloon mujhe samajh mein nahi aaya. Unhone bola ki Rajpal sir hain aur unke saath aapko series main part lena hai aur main bas, kuch bol nahi paya. Unke samne shock ho gaya ek dum. Woh reaction main bol nahi paya bas ek khushi thi ab main apna acting dikha sakta hoon. Main apna reaction bata nahi sakta aapko actually. 


‘Chacha Chaudhary’ ek aisi series hai we all grew up reading toh woh comic main aapka kaunsa fave character hai jo aapko bahut pasand tha aur jo yeh series mein bhi hai?

Main pehle jo character kar raha hu Binny chachi woh toh mujhe pehle se hi pasand hai. Aur jo Chacha Chaudhary hai, vo toh sabhi ko pasand hai. Aur mujhe Sabhuji ka character bhi bahut pasand hai jo ek cute se the, rough but cute. 

How did you prepare for the character, Bini chachi? Did you read about it aur aapne socha ki aap apna bhi kuch add kar sakte ho? 

Binny chachi ka character TV par bhi humne pehle dekha tha ki kaise woh apni saari baatein manwa leti hai chacha ji se, ya phir vo kaisi hai, toh maine aisa kuch add nahi kiya. Kyun ki mujhe laga ki jaisa hai waise hi rehne dena chahiye. Mujhe bataya gaya ki kaise hoga toh maine waisa hi rakha aur woh waisa hi acha lag raha hai.

Aapne Rajpal sir aur Khali ke saath kaam kiya, who everyone loves, toh aapka experience? Aapko unke saath kaam karke kaisa laga?

Bahut acha experience tha. Humara shoot 3 din ka tha aur main jahan ruka tha and Rajpal ji aur Khali ji unke vanity main mujhe bulaya tha. Unke saath baat hui aur unse bahut acha seekne ko mila. Aur woh hota hai na ki jab aap itne bade logon ke saath kaam kar rahe ho toh koi aap se baat karega ki nahi toh waise kuch nahi tha. Woh bahut normal hain, Rajpal sir ke saath bahut baatein hui. 

Rajpal sir aise improve karte the script mein yaa he only followed the script? 

Sab kuch script ke hisaab se hi hota tha hum dono practice karte the pohe vale ke liye bahut practice kiya thodi masti hoti hai but everything v well and mujhe bahut acha laga unke saath kaam karne main 

Jo saare episodes shoot hue hain unme aapka sabse fav kaunsa hai jo shoot karne mein bhi maza aaya aur jo karne mein bhi maza aaya? 

Mera sabse favourite hai chand wala toh woh shoot karne main bahut maza aaya raat ka scene tha woh aur kafi acha raha tha woh shoot 

Why would you suggest people check out Moj ka series? 

Chacha chaudhary naam hi kaafi hai! 


Have you watched Moj's mini-series, Chacha Chaudhary yet?

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