We recently had a chat with TV anchor, dancer, actor and digital creator, Ritwika Gupta about how her extraordinary career in the entertainment space.

Ritwika Gupta, aces several aspects of the entertainment space. For instance, she anchors a show that airs on ZEE5 and Wion (zee media). Ritwika has also developed an active role online as a digital creator where she talks about corporate stylingbeauty reviewsdance, and travel tales from Asia etc. She also runs a style and lifestyle blog called, Spotlight where She has worked and collaborated with several beauty and lifestyle brands.

Originally from Singapore, she worked her way up to where she is today and fought various odds to make her own mark in Mumbai. She holds an honors degree in Business from the University of London, along with Masters in communications & journalism. She is also a trained dancer and started off as a background dancer with Shahrukh Khan. She later went from acting, hosting shows on TV to now creating enagaging content on social media.

As an anchor, Ritwika has enthralled audiences in more than 300 live events. Her work as a television host spans across a bouquet of lifestyle, business, and entertainment channels across India and South East Asia. She has also acted in TV, short films and has been in a part of more than 10 English and Bengali plays.

Here’s what Ritwika Gupta had to share with us:

From starting off as a background dancer to now being a digital creator and an anchor, how would you describe your journey so far? 

I think my journey has been very enriching. Each phase has taught me so much. I was in my first year of college when I got to be part of a dance troupe and it really helped me hone my skills as an artist and learn a lot about teamwork. Throughout my college years, I dabbled in modelling, did a lot of plays and TV shows. I guess I was always fond of storytelling and that came through in my journey as a dancer, actor and now a TV presenter. The digital space also allowed me to consolidate all my passions under one roof and produce content that’s truly me. I consider myself lucky to have converted my passion into my career.

What is the difference between hosting a show on TV and being an influencer online?

There is a lot of difference. On television, I have an entire team working with me – to guide me on my hosting, scripting, hair, makeup and overall presentation. On digital though, I have to independently take charge. I am responsible for the content I put out there. Right from ideating to shooting, editing and marketing my digital presence. I am my own boss.

Apart from being a dancer and creator, you are also an actor. If you were given an option to choose between acting on screen or on stage for a play, what would you choose?

When you are on stage, you get instant reactions from the audience. There are no retakes and I love the adrenaline rush and the whole process is just beautiful. On stage, you have to be loud because you are speaking directly to your audiences. So even a small gesture needs to be exaggerated. I love both mediums but if I have to choose, I will pick acting for screen because it allows me to have more control of my character and I prefer keeping it real than theatrical. The camera is also able to capture certain little nuances and feelings without actors saying much. Those moments are hard to replicate on stage. 

Do you have a favourite play that you have been part of?

A few years back, I did an English play in Mumbai called “That’s how it started – it was an amalgamation of 4 Shakespearean plays with over 20 cast members. It was so much fun to rehearse 4-5 days a week for a stretch of 3-4 months. I played Jessica – she was a combination of Hermia from The Midsummer’s Night Dream and Jessica from the Merchant of Venice. Fiesty and romantic – a bit like me!

Who is your inspiration when it comes to being on stage and entertaining the audiences?

My father, Nikhilesh Gupta, is my inspiration. I’ve always admired the way he managed his finance career in Singapore while handling a full-fledged drama company. Over the last 25 years, he has directed and acted in numerous plays in English and Bengali, entertaining audiences from all walks of life. When he is on stage, he brings a different kind of energy and it really inspires me a great deal.

Here’s how she responded to our Quick 5:

Favourite meme template on social media?
I think my favourite meme template changes every month just like the memes. I think my current favourite is Pawri ho rahi hain! 

One celebrity you want to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with Madhuri Dixit for a dance video! 

One Instagram account you don’t mind stalking?
I don’t mind stalking Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram account because I love her style. It’s so fearless and she carries off everything so well. She is also such a multifaceted personality. From being Miss India to acting in Bollywood, then Hollywood, singing and now writing, she has so much to offer!

Weirdest or funniest comment you have ever received?
The funniest comment was a legit ‘rishta’ proposal. A woman had commented that she thinks I can “qualify” as her Bhabhi and she sent me her brother’s biodata as an IG comment. That was just weird. 

Any other profession you’d like to try?
I wouldn’t want to try any other profession but in time to come, I would like to set up my own studio where I can consolidate all my interests in storytelling in different ways (like acting, dance, hosting etc) and also produce meaningful content across films, television and digital.

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