Digital Creator Sejal Kumar’s new single, Khali Khali released yesterday and it talks about the presence of the one in your life who makes everything perfect. We had a fun chat with her to know more deets.

Riding on the success of her debut single ‘Aisi Hun’, Digital Creator Sejal Kumar pushes the envelope with the release of her latest song ‘Khali Khali’.

The hummable melody that connects with you instantly and hits you right in the feels has been written, composed, and sung by Sejal. It talks about being ‘Khali Khali’ with that one special person with whom even doing absolutely nothing doesn’t feel empty. In fact ‘Khali Khali’ makes you feel comfortable and wholesome. Sejal wrote this whimsical track when she was casually rehearsing another song on her ukulele, which brought back memories of the time she spent in Mumbai in her tiny-cozy apartment. The entire song was written in 30 minutes, recorded in another week and the video was ready in 2 weeks. Full of warmth and charm, the track redefines the expression of emptiness and takes you down a dreamy memory lane.

Talking about the song, Sejal Kumar said, Giving a whole new meaning to emptiness, the song expresses my feelings on how there is no need to say anything or do anything, just sitting Khali Khali with that one person is enough! This lockdown has been tough on all of us and a few who specially have been away from their homes. I wanted to capture the essence, that being ‘Khali Khali’ is sometimes all that you need. While writing down the song I deeply felt every word.”

The music video was shot by Tushar Dixit at Sejal’s house, recreating the magic and aesthetics, and features Sejal and her friend Bharat Subramaniam. “I believe ‘Khali Khali’ is a song that my audience would love and dedicate to their loved ones”, added Sejal. The original track composed by Sejal has been produced by Saptak Chatterjee, with Vinod Arora on the guitars.

Sejal gave us some inside dope on how the song was recorded and shot and the very special appearance of Oreo, check out the #KetchupTalks video to know more-


Here’s how people reacted to her song:

Check out the song, Khali Khali here:

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