In today’s Friday Follow, take a look at Khusboo and Keshav aka Dr Behindthescenes and how they are making the lives of medical students easy.

Every millennial can relate when we say that life would have been easier if there were easier ways to prepare for our exams. especially on Instagram. While all the exams seem incredibly tedious, the medical exams have to be one of the toughest exams to pass. The amount of pressure that the students have to go through to be better doctors and serve the people is overwhelming. It would also not be wrong to say that it takes one student to understand the pain of another. Who can know what are the most difficult part of revising and getting through the chapters than a medical student themself? This idea encouraged Khushboo Kalani and Keshav Kumar to start an Instagram page dedicated to it. Khusboo and Keshav also known as Dr Behindthescenes on Instagram, share simple tips and tricks to help their fellow medical students in their studies and exams.

Like someone said you never know who you meet in which part of the world. No matter where you are, Indians always find each other. Their mutual love for momos and chole bhature straight from the streets of Delhi and common goals made them find each other in a distant land. While Khusboo always dreamt to be a doctor Keshav wanted to be a pilot but ended up in medicine. Both now final year MBBS students in Ukraine, use Instagram to help medical students make their studies easier.

“This was in our third year, we had given one of the major national medical exams of Ukraine called as KROK 1 (which had syllabus from 1st to 3rd year). We scored a decent score. And because we are the first generation, medical students, we know how hard it is when you have no guidance in your family. Hence we decided to use Instagram which is easier and more accessible for students to reach us.”

“We are students and we definitely do scroll Instagram whenever we take breaks. Thought of making the ‘scrolling’ useful! Our medical blog is a one-stop for all things med related. It has got our personal journey, study hacks and med school survival tips, some fun medical challenges, live sessions on exams like USMLEs, NEET PG etc and so much more!”

“Because we are not interns, we couldn’t join the COVID duties. But we are so proud of the medical community, our teachers & doctors who worked at the front lines during the pandemic. For us, our classes were online. As medical students, it’s a little bit of a disadvantage as the clinical experience was NIL. But we had extra time to work on our theory.”

These two have made sure they help out and clarify any doubts that the upcoming doctors might have. And they have received positive responses from their fellow medical students for the same. Khushboo says that these messages are encouraging enough making them feel grateful each day that they could be part of making their studies easier. “When we started our page, the only motive was even if one person benefits! Our work is done. And now we are such a huge family! Warms our heart.”

Khushboo and Keshav only had one tip for all the medical students:

As an FMG, there’s always this worry if we are good enough to be doctors? Should we continue our MBBS? We doubted ourselves too because we couldn’t get a seat in India (student: seat ratio is BAD).

This is for every student: If you have the determination! You can do it. Never give up. Push yourselves because, in the end, everything will be worth the struggle.
Believe in yourself. Learn. & fly high!

If you are a medical student and need tips on how to get through your studies then follow Khusboo and Keshav on Instagram @dr.behindthescenes

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