We’re back with yet another trend on Instagram Reels with King OOPS x some of your favorite creators!

Instagram, Instagram, and Instagram! The first thing we do in the morning is open Instagram and scroll through Reels. Instagram has become our daily dose of entertainment and a free dose of serotonin to kickstart our day. Be it addictive song covers or your favorite creator grooving to your favorite song, the long trail of Instagram Reels never ends. A recent example of us getting hooked to our phones is King OOPS which has been creating quite a stir on Instagram Reels.

With more than 150k Reels already on OOPS, it’s trending on Instagram. King started his career with a reality show called Hustle and since then he’s been climbing the charts like a lion. King released his latest song OOPS and Pablo from his upcoming album ‘Champagne Talk’ and they are all over IG Reels. Even Bollywood celebs are making dance Reels on this song and people are going crazy over the trend. The craziest part of the trend is every creator has put their own touch on the original choreography which makes the song even more groovy.

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Check these Reels out!

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