FRIENDS, BTS, HIMYM, or even Baburao cannot escape Kishan Jhun Jhun’s funny edits and we’re here for it!

There is not a day where we don’t see ourselves sliding into our friends’ DMs making sure they have reacted to all the 50 Reels that we’ve shared with them. Indian creator Kishan Jhun Jhun makes such funny content that you’d want to share it right away with your friends.

Kishan is who we look to after having a shitty day at work. Memes have become the best part of our lives and we can’t imagine having to live without them. Kishan knows what works for the internet and has been able to create every possible version of a trend. Using clips and characters from some of our favorite classic sitcoms and adding his Jhunjhunastic editing magic to it, Kishan’s page is a rollercoaster that we would never get sick of. From BTS dancing, and SRK’s song on his birthday to making a failed edit on Phoebe (that somehow still works), Kishan Jhun Jhun is one creator you don’t want to miss out on.

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Watch these edits by Kishan!

If you discovered him because of us, you can thank us later!

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