Kiwi Tandon made me fall in love with her reverse cat-eye eyeliner trick

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Kiwi Tandon made me fall in love with her reverse cat-eye eyeliner trick

Using eyeliner has never been easier! Kiwi Tandon shows us how to rock the reverse cat-eye look.

Applying eyeliner perfectly has never been my thing. I have to admit that you need sheer patience and skills to get it right and in my case, I lack both. It's the reason why I don't use eyeliners often and when I do I always mess up the symmetry. Though I'm not the best at my eyeliner game, I'm always fascinated by people who are experimentative with their makeup. And looking at creators all over social media, we have to admit that there is no limit to the fun you can have with it. A slight change in style emphasizes your look in a different way. This reminds me of the most basic but popular makeup trend 'reverse cat-eye' which has become one of the trendiest eyeliner styles nowadays. The perfect reverse cat-eye tutorial by Kiwi Tandon is so helpful!

She makes it look so simple that even a makeup newbie like me can pull this off. It's this trick and eyeliner style that's going to stick long with me. With all the fierceness intact, it gives you much more than a regular winged liner. It's just an inverted winged liner that's more focused on your lower lash line. And woah, you get a smoky, sultry undereye that creates a feline shape and a sharp look.

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Check this out!

I still wanna stick to my uneven liner though!

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