Klaus is the most magical love letter to the origin story of how Christmas came to be!

Sakshi Sharma
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Klaus is a Christmas-holiday film that I'd recommend for anyone who is looking for a warm watch and a very interesting origin story!

Christmas is that time of the year when winter makes you want to curl up in a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa and watch a warm light film that brings you all the magic and joy. Now while there are many rom-coms that do rounds around this time of the year it's also a great time to learn about the festival as well. There have been many origin stories made up on the myth of Santa Claus and while all of them are a great watch, Klaus on Netflix is that amazing treat visually that brings a dash of reality mixed with all the magic. And whoever says that animation is for kids, hasn't really watched a good animated film.

Jesper, a rich spoilt brat son of a postmaster is all too selfish and unaware of the real world. So as a punishment and to teach him a lesson, his father sends him to Smeerensburg, a ghost town miles and miles away from the life of a city, where two rival families love to fight all day long for centuries. To get out of this dreadful situation, Jesper needs to deliver 6000 letters from the town. How does one deliver letters from a town where no one even knows to read or write? With the help of an accidental meeting, he joins hands with a reclusive toymaker, Klaus who has lost his family and starts a business of delivering toys to those kids who deliver him letters. And together they bring cheer to the kids and spread joy in this dark and dreary town.

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The film is no doubt an Academy Award nominee and flows oh-so smoothly all along with a unique origin story that covers all the mythical points about the so-called bearded man of Christmas in the most logical manner. Everything gets an explanation from the reindeer, the sled, the chimney, the big bag of toys, and even the bright red outfit without comprising the magical element of it all. But most importantly, it is a film about friendship, burning the old bridge of animosity, and the dying art of letter writing.

As Jesper and Klaus collaborate to bring toys to the children of Smeerensburg, slowly and steadily they teach the entire village as well as themselves the act of kindness and how one act inspires another making it a story of change right in the holiday spirit. With a lot of sight gags, plenty of physical comedy, and an age-old clan animosity, Klaus with its impressive animation, and an expressive voice cast that includes names like Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, and more will surely entertain you in the most sarcastic-logical way as well as lift your holiday spirit.

This film is currently streaming on Netflix!

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