Australian Koalas to face extinction by 2050 according to a study

Smrithi Mohan
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Australian wild animals and one of their lovable species, Koalas are said to go extinct by or before 2050 according to recent research.

Talk about extinction and sadly there are a bunch of animals who have made it to the list. With talks of saving animals who are on the verge of extinction doing rounds for a very long time, Koalas are the most recent ones to join the club. As per the recent research, it is said that the Koalas will become extinct by or before 2050 in the Australian state of New South Whales. Considering the 2019/20 bushfire, this fear of losing them has only accelerated.

Koalas are undoubtedly one of the most adorable animals in the world. They are also one of Australia's most loved and iconic wild animals. It is difficult to relocate them from one habitat to another as they become intensely close to their host eucalyptus trees.

The threat of their extinction continues as there is constant habitat loss along with deforestation and logging over the years. This is also considered as a major reason for their loss according to the MPs of the Greens, Animal Welfare and Liberal parties of Australia. Other reasons adding up to the loss of the species are mining, urban development, climate change and land clearing.

According to reports, about 5000 hectares of Koala species have been cleared in a single year in New South Whales. With people destructing their food and shelter areas, Koalas are prone to be struck by vehicle strikes, stress and dog attacks as they tend to get to the streets.

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